Almost everyone around the world snores on occasions and presently, it is a major health concern in London in particular. However, it fast snowballs into a major issue if it affects both the quantity and quality of sleep of your roommate. People, who snore, are often found to suffer from daytime fatigue as they can only manage a poor sleep at night. As the problem deepens, these people get irritated easily and finally, they encounter major health issues. On the other hand, if your partner cannot get proper sleep because of your snoring, the problem can trigger serious relationship issues.

Thus, it is crucial to avail treatment for snoring as early as possible. Modern treatment approaches prove effective to cure the issue. However, before going into solutions, it is more relevant to understand what exactly the problem is and how does it appear.

Snoring – The Undeniable Health Problem

The problem of snoring arises when air cannot move freely through your nasal passage during your sleep. As a result, the surrounding tissues of your body vibrate and this causes the snoring sound. Some people have excessive tissues at their throat and the nose and they are obviously more prone to the problem. In cases, it has also been noted that the tongue gets in the way and prevents free passage of air through the windpipe, leading to the problem.

Steps to Remedy

As already mentioned above, snoring is curable but for that it is necessary to detect the exact reason behind your snoring. People snore for varying reasons and when a health expert diagnoses the reason behind your problem, almost half of your issue is already resolved. In order to find this out, it may also be required to observe your snoring pattern.

Practicing dentist in Croydon suggests ignoring medication to cure the problem initially. As it is seen in most cases, certain changes in the lifestyle help to rectify this problem.  These lifestyle changes include the following:

  • In case you are overweight, shed the extra fat from the body.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol; specially avoid it a few hours before going to sleep.
  • If you are a regular smoker, just give up the habit.
  • Follow a regimen of regular workouts.
  • Practice sleeping on your sides and not on your back

In cases where these remedies do not work, the concerned medical expert may prescribe certain medications. However, you are never supposed to consume those over-the-counter drugs on your own without consulting your oral health expert.

Snoring vs. Sleep Apnea

Your snoring may be an indicator to the life-threatening disease of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes obstruction in breathing while a patient is asleep. Thus, the individual is compelled to wake up from sleep to normalize the process of breathing. You need expert’s consultation on the matter to ensure there is no potential threat to your life resulting from the sleeping problem.

There are many snoring prevention devices available in the market these days. If your dentist suggests, you should get those kits and avail yourself with the remedy. In extreme cases, one may need to undergo surgery in the windpipe to correct its structural defect.