In this hi-tech era, everyone is leading a fast-paced life and they are compelled to follow hectic schedules. It is, therefore, a good idea to pursue business keeping your leisure in mind. However, even today the management of some companies is slightly ambivalent towards this concept of mixing pleasure and leisure with business. However, there seems to be no harm in allowing weary business executives to take a break from their monotonous and frenetic lifestyles. Company managements are worried that people would be misusing their leniency but that is not the case at all. However, the majority of the reputed businesses have understood and they appreciate the concept of mixing business with leisure and they are absolutely okay with it. They know that the executives are working day and night and traveling frantically to cater to business demands and so they need a well-deserved rest and break to unwind and relax.

How to Mix Business with Pleasure?

Business goals could be achieved better if you could take small breaks in between to get completely recharged for pursuing business goals with renewed energy. But how to enjoy a fulfilling vacation along with business? Take the instance of busy wildlife photojournalists who are traveling around the year for capturing some amazing shots. They need to find unique subjects and meet deadlines. They are frantically traveling from one part of the world to another in the hope of finding some interesting shots. While waiting for animal sightings in the national parks they could plan a short break with family.

If you are going on a photo-shoot assignment to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India, you could take your family along for a short but absolutely relaxing vacation amidst the serene ambiance of the wilderness. Tadoba Tiger Reserve boasts of a broad spectrum of fauna and flora and a truly splendid landscape. You could devote a couple of days to your work and once your assignment is over. You could take your family for a fascinating jungle safari. There are many temples and other tourist attractions nearby. You could spend quality time with your family for a few more days before getting back to business. All you need to do is to choose from one of the cozy Tadoba hotels and book a room well in advance. Similarly, tour operators who are promoting eco-tourism could themselves enjoy a relaxing vacation after spending time with tourists.

Some Undeniable Benefits

In today’s fast-paced life often there develops a major stress and tension in the family when one or maybe both the partners seem to be traveling on business. Often the children are left all alone to fend for themselves. This is a highly dysfunctional pattern of life and this could lead to marriages breaking up. Employers today are far more empathetic to the people who work for them and they totally value their contributions. So they mostly do not mind at all if these executives take some time off to enjoy a short vacation with family. So the primary benefit of mixing business with pleasure and leisure is that your family life is relatively stable. You feel happy and relaxed after spending some quality time with your spouse and children.

When you get an opportunity to take a break from exploring a new country or engaging in thrilling adventure sports, it could be a great motivator for you. When you need to travel to Nagpur on a business trip, you should consider taking a short break once your meetings are done. You could travel to the Tadoba National Park to enjoy a superb time amidst the bounties of nature. Come to explore the pristine forests, see the majestic and absolutely regal Royal Bengal Tigers roaming about casually in their natural habitat.

Weekend flights would be obviously, cheaper as compared to the weekdays. The company would, therefore, be saving some money if the executive decides to stay back for a short break. If your company has no objections to your extending your business trip, it only implies that you could enjoy a revitalizing break and come back re-energized to focus single-mindedly on your job. Moreover, this could often mean a good opportunity for you to bond well with and get to know your customers or even colleagues at your local office.


Sometimes higher-ups at companies tend to frown on their employees who wish to mix business with pleasure because they fear a spillover into the company books. Intentionally or unintentionally, there is always a probability that the employee’s personal vacation expenses get mixed up with those of the business trip. These are hard to clarify and hence, imply an unnecessary cost incurred by the company or an inordinate amount of time to sort things out. These issues are rather complex but can be controlled through rigorous guidelines. You must be upfront regarding your intentions and also be diligent in the business portion of the trip. You can also visit a business trip in Dubai.

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