Since the invention of digital data and computers, transcribing audio or video into text has become an essential service in many fields. Over the years, audio typing agencies have mushroomed in order to meet the rising demand for transcription services. This means that anyone, be it an individual or company representative, can source for audio typists from the many firms that are available. But, with many audio typing firms to choose from, how do you identify the best from the rest?

It is important to know what to look out for when hiring audio typing agencies because they are not all the same. Quality of transcription services will vary from one firm to another. The choice you make when outsourcing this kind of work will make the difference between receiving high quality, professionally done transcripts, and poor work that does not meet your expectations. With that in mind, here are a few qualities that you should look for in a professional audio typing agency.

Choose an Audio Typing Firm that has Stood the Test of Time

The length of time a transcription company has been in business can sometimes be an indication of how adept it is at serving clients. This is because companies that offer low quality services usually don’t last long in any industry. If your chosen transcription agency is experienced, then that is a positive sign that they can do a good job. Experienced audio typing firms have transcribers that are accustomed to handling all kinds of audio files.

This includes files that have heavy accent speakers or poor audio recording. They are able to do this in part due to the exposure of transcribing audio files for a long time and because of the high quality equipment used to listen to recordings. As such, experienced transcribers will be better positioned to handle your work especially if the audio quality presents some challenges.

Good Reputation

Hiring a reputable audio typing company is important as this ensures that you will get high quality transcripts from expert transcribers. With today’s online communities, it is possible to find customer reviews and ratings for various transcription firms that offer services online. You can check independent sources like Yelp or any trusted business review website.

Reading through customer reviews will help you identify audio typing companies that have a good reputation and are more likely to provide professional services.

Confidentiality Agreements

One of the common concerns raised by many people when it comes to handing over personal information to a third party is privacy. Sometimes audio files and videos that require transcription might contain sensitive information. This may include witness statement recordings, medical reports and so forth. If you are concerned about the privacy of your information, then look for a transcription agency that offers non-disclosure agreements to their clients.

Such provisions give you peace of mind knowing that your information remains strictly confidential and you can even sue the transcribing agency for breach of privacy.

Keep in mind that not all audio typing firms provide excellent services. If you want a company that you can trust to handle transcription services professionally, then look for one that is experienced, has a good reputation, and treats your information with strict confidentiality.

This article was authored by Hailey Williamson, a UK news reporter and professional blogger. She has a penchant for educating other people about transcription services. Click here to find out where Halley outsources professional audio typing services.