Many people don’t take their oral health seriously until or unless they start feeling the pain or have to face social embarrassment because of their smelly mouth. A few realize the need for oral hygiene yet many still need to be educated. Some think that brushing teeth is all that is required. However, along with brushing teeth twice day, regular dental checkups are also very important for both kids and adult.

At times it happens that you visit your dentist for some issue which can be easily answered but due to lack of knowledge you were unaware of it.

Below are given 5 common queries on oral hygiene and their answers.

How to Get Rid of Stains?

Having stained or yellow teeth can be real turn off and it’s a really appreciable thing that you are trying to get rid of it. You get stained teeth because of the diet you take like chocolates and sugary stuff, intake of tobacco and no brushing of teeth.

You do not go for your regular dental checkups and this proper stays unresolved. To avoid expensive treatments in future you can get rid of stained teeth by taking in dairy products like milk, yoghurt as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Replacing your tooth brush with an electronic one is effective too.

What is The Right Technique of Brushing Teeth?

The need to brush teeth on regular basis is well known but a few are familiar of doing it the right way. If you have had regular dental checkups, your dentist would have told you that divide your mouth into four quadrants and spend at least 30 seconds on each when brushing. And then rinse your mouth properly with clean water.

How to Fight Back Bad Breath?

A few things like garlic and onion gives rise to bad breath. Moreover intake of coffee, alcohol and smoking adds to the smell as well. Bad breath does not affect you only but also makes life difficult for people around you. You can fight back your bad breath with a few simple techniques which you would have known from your doctor on your beginning regular dental checkups.

Eating a balanced healthy diet, rinsing mouth every now and then and chewing gum for 20mins after each meal will clean up up your mouth and will give you a fresh breath.

What Kind of Toothpaste Should I Use?

There are various kinds of tooth pastes and people should choose from them according to their requirements. Discuss your teeth condition with your doctor on regular dental checkups and he will guide you well. There are specific toothpastes fro sensitive teeth, for bed breath, whitening, gum problems and etc.

5 Common Queries On Oral Hygiene Answered

What To Do When Experiencing Tooth Ache?

People believe that tooth decay and dental cavities are the only reason behind tooth ache. However, in reality, there are many little things which may cause tooth ache like injuries, eating something too cold or hot etc. instead of treating yourself on your own in such cases, you should visit your doctor to get a required treatment.

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