When it is time to take the SATs, many students can’t help but to feel anxious. After all, the SATs are crucial exams that most institutes of higher education consider during their admissions process. There are students that usually find the essay part difficult but with the right preparation, it can be very easy for you to come up with a well written essay that will grab the graders’ attention and earn you an excellent score.

There are two graders that check the SAT essays. Each of them has six points that they will distribute, allowing a combined score of 12. The essay graders will grade your paper’s content, clarity, organization and will check to see if you followed the indicated directions in the prompt. The graders will judge each of the specific areas while simultaneously checking the essay as a whole.

In this post, you will discover some of the proven ways that will help you write a good SAT essay as compiled by Oxbridge Essays, a leading provider of professional essay writing services.

Proven Ways To Ace Your SAT Essay

Understand What the Prompt is Asking For

The first and most important step in writing a solid SAT essay is to understand what the prompt is asking for. Before you start writing, focus on the main idea. It will help set a good groundwork for your essay. Many students usually misunderstand the prompt because they did not read it carefully and they end up getting a lower score. This simple mistake can be easily avoided if you read the prompt one more time before you get that pen working.

Use a Great Thesis Statement

An essay will not be an essay without a thesis statement. It must answer the question asked in the prompt and give the grader an idea of where your essay is heading. Try to incorporate some of the prompt’s wording in your thesis statement. This must be included in your essay’s introductory paragraph together with a basic summary of the key ides that you will discuss in your paper.

Check the Word Count

Your SAT essay should be around for hundred words. Based on research, students who wrote their essay within this word count were able to get higher scores around 90% of the time. The body of the essay should have a minimum of 3 to 4 compelling paragraphs that will support and expound on your thesis statement. Every paragraph must contain an introductory and concluding sentence. For proving your ideas, you can include some academic examples from literature or history while avoiding the personal stories unless they have been specifically asked for. SAT essays that have personal examples do not usually score well compared to those that have clear academic examples. The last paragraph of the essay must summarize and conclude the paper properly. Analogies or anecdotes included in the conclusion of the essay are brilliant ways to end your essay.

It is very possible to write an SAT essay that will receive a high score from the graders. Keep this guideline in mind to get a good result!