When you think of covering your windows, there is endless number of choices that you can certainly opt from. Some popular choices are pleated curtains, mini blinds and many more. Plantation blinds also fall into the popular choices category when it comes to decorating your windows.

There are mainly two types of coverings that are available for windows like roller blinds and plantation blinds. Here you will get to know as to which type of blind is advantageous and can suit your requirements. All of these have got their own benefits and advantages.

Plantation Blinds    

These are the blinds that have been in use since the old American tradition. These blinds are made from thick pieces of wooden slats with an average thickness of about two inches. In earlier times, it was installed at the outside frame of the windows. The design was such that it could definitely seal the window cavity tightly. During the earlier times, plantation blinds were mainly seen in houses that belong to the middle-income group and the lower-income group. They could not afford glass panes like the rich, as they were very costly. Now the trend has changed. Now a day’s these blinds are basically installed in the inside of the window panes and not the outside and they are very much effective for large windows also. These blinds perfectly fit into the old traditional look of the house as well as the modern look of the house.

Plantation Blinds: Best Choice When Decorating Your Home Window

Roller Blinds     

Now, if you consider roller blinds then you will have to keep in mind that it serves well in terms of its functionality more than adding style to the décor of the room. The only purpose of using roller blinds over plantation blinds is the ease of use. Roller blinds are mostly installed in houses where elderly people live. One of the greatest benefits of roller blinds is that they are easy to clean and you need not to pull off the entire frame in order to clean it. All you need to do is to pull it down and wipe it with a cloth. This is the reason why they are mostly installed in bathrooms and kitchens than other parts of the house.

Place of Use of a Plantation Blind

First of all a plantation blind can also be used as a Venetian blind. However, these blinds are basically installed at the bottom half of the window and not the top half. The real reason for making these blinds is to accommodate bi-purpose windows that make the room look more beautiful. If you too have got bi-purpose windows in your house and you are looking for blinds for these windows then it is best to opt for a plantation blind. These blinds not only fulfill the purpose of blinds but also help in making the house more beautiful. Last but not the least, these blinds have also got an impressive resale value, provide effective insulation and also block light to a greater extent.

Helps To Protect the House from Excessive Heat and Light

Blinds like a plantation and roller help to block excessive light and heat from entering the room or the house. These blinds are also very much versatile and have the ability to adapt to any style of the house i.e. traditional or modern. They can be used in any room of the house and the best part is that you will not have to add any extra drapery in order to beautify them and the room. If you want to know more stay connect with internet for decorating your home with best plantation blind.