A personal injury can be described as any injury inflicted on an individual as a result of someone else’s negligent act. A lot of people who has suffered injuries due to another person’s negligence tend to seek compensation for the cost associated with the pains and suffering they passed through. When seeking compensation claim from the defendant, you may have to take the case to the court to be addressed. This will most likely go to a trial, which is time consuming and costly.

Most times, when trying to resolve a case both parties decide to opt for mediation, as it gives them an avenue to present their case fairly before an experienced mediator. A good mediation officer will try to find a long lasting solution to personal injury claims by first allowing both parties present their case. Each sides will give detailed information on how the accident occurred at different times in the office of the mediator. The mediator will then proffers advices and provide appropriate solutions on how best to resolve the issue. Hiring a seasoned mediator is one of the best ways of resolving personal injury cases since its is practically easier, faster and cost effective when compared to hiring a lawyer or going through the a trial in the law court.

What to expect

Mediation is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of resolving personal injury cases, especially in states where litigating a case is time consuming and requires a lot of money. Mediation is far more convenient, easier and faster than litigation when it comes to personal injury cases as it helps resolves the issue in a timely manner and privately without having to make it public.

All you need to do when your personal injury has been forward to mediation is to get fully prepared. However, if this is actually your first time of consulting with a mediator here are some of the things to expect from the mediation process:

You have to give an opening statement

Most mediators will request each conflicting parties to give an opening statement. By so doing, dispute parties will be able to clearly state their stands in the dispute. While some will decide that each party will have to give their statements in separate offices before the beginning of the joint session. So, the choice of the opening statement decision will be left in the hands of the mediator.

Expect to hear technical terms you are unfamiliar with

During the mediation process, there will be use of some terminologies you might find difficult to comprehend. If you do not seem to understand any technical term used, your mediator will be glad to explain them in details to you, all you need do is to ask. Since the process is not as formal as litigation, you can ask questions while the discussion is ongoing.

It takes several hours and sometimes days to be completed

Despite the fact that mediation is less time consuming when compared to litigation, it can take several days and even months to complete depending on the complexity of the case.