As a parent you will no doubt find yourself constantly concerned with the matter of keeping your baby amused. So small, and yet so complicated, your little one will seem to crave constant attention, and it can be draining having to be the clown all day long. The good news is that keeping your baby happy need not be as difficult as you first perceive. Indeed, there are some fantastic products out there designed with your little one’s contentment, and your composure, in mind. While we would not condone leaving your child alone surrounded by toys all day every day, there are some perfect products available that will introduce your baby to a variety of developmental concepts, as well as enabling you to grab that well-earned cup of tea or coffee.

Pleasing the Little One in your Life

If you are unsure of the products your little one will need in order to stay happy, healthy, and entertained, please take a moment to browse the categories below; perhaps your baby will not need one of every item, but such products are definitely a good place to start. Skip Hop, an NYC based online store, is a great place to start when you are looking for baby products; the difficulty will be knowing when to put your credit card away.


From a young age, books are going to form an integral part of your child’s life, at least, they should. Before your little one can read, he or she will adore handling board and fabric books, listening to the words as you snuggle up together, and coming to recognize the pictures as part of the story – as well as starting to notice as squiggles, swirls, and shapes become letters and numbers. Reading with your baby is an important part of their development, and of the parent/child bond. Introducing books from a young age is vital to the enjoyment they will later garner from these journeys into their imagination. Ensure your little one has access to a range of books, including fabric and bath books, chewable board books, titles comprising contrasting colors and patterns, and a collection of simple fairy stories..

Floor Play

Floor play and tummy time will come to be integral parts of your child’s routine, aiding physical development and motor skills, as well as your child’s understanding of the world around him or her. As your child plays on the floor, he or she will learn to reach, stretch, and grab, and may learn to roll over for the first time. In addition, sessions of tummy time can greatly improve your baby’s strength and muscles, and encourage him or her to take notice of the world. Play mats, activity gyms, ball pools, indoor tents, cushion forts and dens, and colored blankets with toys strewn across their surface are great ways to encourage your baby to kick, roll, reach, and communicate, and you will always know that he or she is content and entertained while you sit back for a moment’s rest.

Crib Toys

Crib toys, including mobiles, musical soothers, mirrors, soft toys, teethers, tug toys, and light projectors have the potential to be a saving grace for any parent, helping babies and toddlers to drift into a calm, natural sleep, and keep themselves entertained for a short while once they wake up. Many parents do not realize that independent play is actually integral to their child’s development; allowing your little one to soothe him or herself at nap or bedtime, and to play quietly upon waking up will help your baby to interact with the world without your influence. Your baby’s crib should be a safe, calming, and familiar environment, and crib toys can certainly aid your baby’s routine.

Sensory Activities

Sensory toys and activities, including rattles, teethers, instruments, activity blankets, musical toys, textured fabrics, and music and song time, are going to introduce your little one to so many different ideas, nurture his or her imagination, and ensure that he or she comes to accept the world for the many layers it possesses. Far from simply being fun to touch and play with, sensory toys will help your child to reach and grasp, focus his or her eyes, and learn about actions and consequences. Babies and toddlers tend to love sensory toys too, taking pleasure in the textures, sounds, colors, and patterns that they possess. Not bad for a simple toy, right?

While babies do not need hundreds of toys to keep them happy, particular items from the categories above can certainly help to keep them amused, as well as aiding particular areas of their development, and giving you a moment’s peace every now and again. As a parent, you will soon come to realize that many little ones are as pleased with the box and packaging materials as they are the toys inside – and so begins your child’s adventures within their own imaginations.

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