You need floor screed concrete if you want to lay fancy finish on your floor. There is no better way to concrete a lumpy, dumpy floor into something more attractive than this. It will make the floor look decent and impressive. It is always better to first apply a screed to the floor instead of applying the concrete directly. That heating element at home can be enclosed using screed.

Floor screed concrete is a cementitious material and it improves on the smoothness of the floor. It makes the surface more even and removes any form of scratch. It is made from combination of sand and cement. Usually, many building experts mix the cement and sand in the ratio 1:4.5 or ratio 1:3. The one used is determined by the extent of work to be done. If you need wider range of application, you are better off with sophisticated mixes rather than simple mix of cement and sand for the floor screed concrete.

Before you employ any expert for your floor screed concrete, find out if they are well equipped for the purpose. True professionals will make use of concrete mixer truck, which ensures the screed concrete is properly made to ensure the purpose of making it in the first instance is fulfilled. Hand-mixing can never get the job done perfectly. Do not forget the screed concrete needs to be mixed using specific amount of cement, sand and water. the best way to ensure this is by using floor screed concrete,  which ensures each of these constituents are properly mixed to achieve the desired consistency.


The screed can be directly applied to the base and it can also be laid unbounded in suitable membrane free of damp. In addition, it can also be placed on floating finish on layer of insulation material. This is the best to go for if you want to lay cast-iron water pipe for under-floor heating. In order for screed concrete to function as intended, it has to be mixed properly and this proper mixing can only be achieved using concrete mixer truck.

Instead of mixing the screed concrete by yourself for the rear house extensions ideas or any other building idea you have in mind, it is better to buy factory-made ready-mix screed. This one will always have better quality than the one you make by yourself the material is far more consistent than any other.

You can always opt for the pumpable flowing form of screed, since it is able to achieve level finish in comparison with any other type. There are different manufacturers of screed concretes. Take time to investigate each of them and find out how qualitative or otherwise their concrete is before you buy. Careful choice ensures that your building project achieve the desired outcome.

Screeds are mostly anhydrite compounds. Equally, they are based on calcium sulphate binder. Therefore, they are easier to apply in comparison with the conventional cement and sand mix. As a result, they are better choice for your rear house extensions ideas and any other building idea you may have in mind.

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