Kayla Itsines workout is a perfect way to improve your body and feel good while doing it. Not many women can argue that their bikini body guide plans are the most conscious of your body image or health.

While many of them guarantee that you’ll have the body of your choice after a certain period of time, these are promises you can’t make. People’s bodies work differently and getting fit means different things depending on your make-up. The journey to being in shape is a varied one, and a good guide will isolate the things that can be generalized and expound upon them.

Kayla Itsines Workout Guide

No fitness guide does that better than the Kayla Itsines Workout at www.bikinibodyguides.com/kayla-itsines-review Bikini Body Guide website; a helpful and informative way to assist the common woman in losing weight. Instead of demanding that you set impossible goals, starve yourself and spend unrealistic amounts of time working out, it assists you in developing your own lifestyle of fitness by:

  1. Encouraging you to think of the training as a lifestyle, rather than telling you to expect to lose an allotted amount of weight in a predetermined amount of time
  2. Talking about what types of exercises train which muscles, and what you need to train in order to achieve the results you want
  3. Be comfortable with the way your body looks at every point, so your mind is in the right place and your achieving the results to look like the best version of you
  4. Establishing that the results can only be achieved if you work hard, not promising an easy road to success

Bikini Body Guide Methods

Kayla uses her extensive knowledge of the body and fitness to construct the perfect plan to getting yourself beach ready. Her carefully constructed bikini body guide of weekly resistance and cardio training, is geared to both help you lose weight and gain stamina. And all of her exercises are time efficient and easy, not requiring much equipment, save for a medicine ball, a set of weights and a jump rope.

No need to go to the gym as all of Kayla Itsines workout can be done at home. This is the part that’s going to take the effort though, as the exercises are somewhat intense and require a degree of willpower to see them through. But they aren’t as difficult as the things most people go to the gym and do, so if you push yourself, the results will become apparent with time.

BBG Workout Program

The BBG workout works as such a great workout guide, because it’s not just a workout guide. The whole first half of the book focuses on keeping track of what you look like and using that to guide the way you work out. She encourages the participant to understand their body, using the first week of the regiment to guide the work out plan for the coming weeks.

She also demands that you keep track of your progress by taking daily pictures of yourself. This allows you to keep track of every change that happens to your body over time, giving you a better understanding of your own body and allowing you to decide what you want to work on. One of the biggest selling points of this plan is the fact that it maintains your confidence.

Working out and trying to improve on yourself is a worthless process if you hate yourself for being out of shape. If you go into improving your life with a self-destructive mind-set, then your setting yourself up to fail. Chances are, you’ll go about losing weight in a bad way, putting your body through extreme processes that are unhealthier for you in the long run.

Becoming healthier isn’t about beating yourself up; it’s about allowing yourself to reach your highest potential. Kayla enforces this attitude with fervour, ensuring that those involved know that getting in shape is a road to a more confident you. The BBG isn’t only about losing weight, but rather becoming comfortable with your body and lifestyle by gradually improving over time.

Kayla Itsines Workout Progress

Kayla Itsines Workout Review

Despite how amazing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide book is, It’s still on you!

Kayla Itsines makes absolutely no promises about the program that her guide describes. It’s not a miracle book and getting in shape is a decision that the individual has to make for themselves. There’s no specific amount of time that guarantees you lose 30-60 pounds. Even your physician wouldn’t be able to tell you how long it would take you to lose any amount of weight, and he’s trained to be a health professional. Any book or trainer that tries to guarantee you a result with no knowledge of your workout or medical history, is making a bold and ostentatious claim. The truth is that one of many things could happen:

  • You get coerced into an intensive workout plan that literally doesn’t take your body into account and is designed generally to cater to large groups of people. Both of these can be a problem as you put yourself at risk of injury by pushing harder than your body can handle
  • When the results they promise aren’t achieved, they claim it’s the fault of the individual; that they didn’t put enough effort into losing weight. Most of the time, the problem is that they claim to help you lose 60 pounds in a month or some ridiculous figure like that, promoting both unhealthy weight loss and body shaming.
  • Losing weight isn’t a problem that you can throw money at to fix. Like the things that are most difficult in life, the solution is kind of simple; Exercise and changing your diet. While different books and guides can assist you in the direction you need to do this, the decision to do this falls on one person: You. You won’t be able to go through with any workout plan without making a commitment to do it every day.

Bikini Body Guide Review Summary

The BBG workout stands out as the one guide that doesn’t make these mistakes, not putting too much weight on itself. In fact, the book starts out by here telling the reader that it’s their decision to lose either 1 or a 100-pounds and that the book is only a tool, same as your weights, your jump rope and the rest of your equipment

The Bikini Body Guide is one of the best ways to help yourself lose weight and look good. Despite the title, the Kayla Itsines workout program does a great job of blending dieting and body comfortability, encouraging healthy and safe weight loss

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