One of the most noteworthy safety hazards are overloaded trucks and vehicles but they even have an adverse impact on different other areas which include infrastructure, road surface and also on the environment. If there is a bulk haulage truck which is overweight or which has been loaded in an incorrect manner, it will lead to few risks like:

  • Increased possibility of accidents which can lead to harm to the passengers, driver and also to the infrastructure
  • Steering difficulty, instability of the truck and requirement for long braking distances
  • Tyres get worn out fast and they can even get overheated thereby boosting the risk of dangerous failure of tyres
  • Capabilities and acceleration get compromised and this can have an impact on the capability of the truck to overtake
  • Premature wear and tear of brakes
  • Increased consumption of fuel and higher costs of maintenance

These days, there is an onboard weighing system which is fit into the vehicle as against the fixed location equipments like the weigh bridges. There are different onboard systems which can be perfect for different vehicles. Here are few benefits of such systems.

#1: Saves time in moving here and there for weighing load

Onboard weighing system eliminates the hassle of moving here and there and to several other locations for measuring the truck scales. With the onboard truck scales being fitted within the vehicle, measurements of the load can be taken real time and there isn’t any requirement for wasting fuel and time for locating a weigh bridge.

#2: Satiated customers who are happy to receive what they paid for

When you use the onboard weighing system, both your customers and you can usually remain sure about what they’re getting paid for. There is no guesswork involved in measuring the load and the techniques involved. The weight can be measured with in-depth accuracy and real-time data.

#3: No unnecessary loss of stock

There is always a risk of sudden loss of stock which can cost you dollars and which can also spoil the professional reputation among the customers. When you use onboard weighing system, you can make sure that the trucks leave the depot with the perfect load and will arrive at the location with the same volume of load.

#4: A worthy investment for the long term

Making sure that the trucks are perfectly loading is one of the most necessary exercises that you can perform before starting. When you have an onboard system, it will pay for its service and time. With much less wastage of time and no requirement to move back and forth the bridges, you can save on labor costs, on fuel and you can also enhance your vehicle maintenance.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the benefits of this technology called onboard truck scales, you can take into account the above listed benefits. Make sure you get one in your truck so as to save on your costs.