Whether one is a bodybuilder or athlete, steroids play a major role in their career. The process of becoming a bodybuilder or a great athlete takes a long time in the making and heavy workouts in a gym for countless hours. This takes a toll on the body and pain is a constant demotivating factor. Also, the toning up muscle in the right place at the right time is also a must. In order to overcome pain and muscle tones, people start to look for ways to alleviate this and Steroids offer the quick remedies that act fast, in short periods of time.

Steroids to the rescue

Hormones are chemicals that are produced by our body which caters to a specific function. These hormones are generally classified into three types: eicosanoids, steroids, and amino acid/protein derivatives. It’s the steroids which interest the bodybuilders due to their multifaced role in development. Specific steroids are available for weight reduction, muscle toning, reducing pain and other functions. No injections required when consuming steroids as they are available in oral forms also. Steroids are available in Oral (tablet and suspension) and Injectable forms. Both have their own advantage and disadvantages. Choosing which one is a question of personal taste and helpful factors.

Understanding the Action

When the body gets an ailment, our own body produces certain chemicals which fight off the ailment. In the case of an infection, more white blood cells are generated to combat the infection causing agent (virus or bacteria). And the ailment goes away in a few days. However, when the process takes a long time or is not effective in combating the illness, we supplement the internal mechanism with an external chemical, in effect boosting the chemicals in the body. This increases the chance of curing an illness faster. In the case of bodybuilders, it’s the growth hormones which are responsible for the muscle growth. When one needs to lose weight, fast muscle growth and lean muscle mass, they go for steroids.

Oral steroids vs Injectables

Steroids are artificially manufactured chemicals and they do have harmful side effects when abused. Which of the methods is less harmful will determine ones’ effective use. Injectables act fast since they get into the blood stream immediately. In the case of tablets, they go through the GI system and acts slowly. But this may be a blessing in disguise. With injectables, one takes a high dosage at a time and the number of times per cycle is less. In the case of tablets, they are taken regularly like on a daily basis. This way the effect is slow and methodical and offer long term gains compared to injectables. Tablets cost less than injectables and there is no pain in swallowing a tablet!

Safety and Side Effects

Both offer a variety of side effects when used abused. Injections offer fewer side effects than tablet forms. Since the tablets travel through the entire GI tract, the liver gets affected with tablets. Also, the dependence on the tablets is heavy after long time usage. Weaning away from it takes a bit of effort. For effective bodybuilding, no injections required but one can use oral steroids based on a medical practitioner’s guidance and advice and avoid all the side effects.