Among the drugs that are quite crazed for among the bodybuilders, Winstrol is a very prominent one. Even the women also prefer this steroids for its capabilities of increasing the anabolic properties. At the same time as this drug has low androgenic elements, the drug happens to be effective enough in the process of increasing the lean body mass. This body mass increase happens to be possible without the retention process of the water bodies in the body. However, it is also true that the whole progress of this drug started much before, in the year 1962.

The Discovery

On that year, in the Winthrop Laboratories, an anabolic steroid named RexoginStanozolol was developed which later came to the market with the name Wintstrol. Within a very small time of its entry in the market, the craze for the drug started increasing as the perfect results for the same started to show. This element RexoginStanozolol is the sub product of dihydrotestosterone. The element is such that it refrains from producing any kind of androgenic effects. Not only the body builders, but the sport stars and athletes also use this drug.Especially among the sprinters the drug has been much popular because of the best result among them.

Used by Many

For a really long time, the use of this product has been in among the athletes. The history of sports shows that famous athletes like Ben Johnson had been tested as positive in case of this steroid. That was the year 1998. It was in Seoul Olympic when the event took place. Now that this key element named Stanozolol happens to be available in a lot of forms, the popular among them being the oral form and the injection form, individuals bent on bodybuilding can make the best use of it. It has another name, Windtrol Depot.

Different Ways to Use

In case of the injectable form, the process can start along with the cycle which the athletes and body builders usually follow. As the drug have a very low amount of side effects, the users should not be afraid about the severe issues as a result of using this steroid. In case of the other steroids, the scenario is entirely different when it comes to the side effects. The effects that come are mainly androgenic in style. In case of the women, if they take the drug with its recommended dosage, then it is possible that they will be having the best results for the same and that also within the cycle that they maintain. Moreover, as the androgenic effects are quite mild in case of this drug, their preference for it is much higher.

Many of the users also does experiments with Rexogin Stanozolol for getting other effects as well. For the increase of the sex hormones, many uses this drug mixed with the drug Proviron. The mix up works perfectly in case of the better flow of the Testosterone. As a result of that, the energy increases and the sex drive increases also. A better life is assured.