The entire concept of the Note 6 is a revolutionary one. After all, Samsung cannot in anyway provide its users with just the basic features all the time. There has to be new, and there has to be innovation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be the key to an amazing smartphone. This Phablet will be the perfect of combination of a phone and a tablet. Features are on the go, and with the Note 5 all set, it indeed is time for us to look ath the successor, and approximate on how and what will it be like.

Note is all about power so is the Snapdragon processor. The company has decided to fit in a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa Core Processor which is clocked at 2.9 Ghz, well, if that doesn’t sounds good, then a 6 GB RAM definitely will. Samsung has played a really big hand in developing its chipsets, that is why the tech giant has already got them patented so that no other company can use it. You are a girl, so you will definitely need a better camera to keep looking at your face and that is why, the NOTE 6 will be featuring a 8 Mega Pixel front snapper which also comes with a front facing LED flash. Ohh Yes, we know how great the camera Samsung makes so what do you think about its rear 30 Megapixel camera? We expect the results to be mesmerizing and astonishing. The device will also feature a 4200 Mah battery which will be coupled with a fast charging technology. This fast charging technology is nothing like anything, but it is different from others at this will charge half of your battery in just 15 minutes. The device is to run on android’s next release, The Android M. the next release is making the finger print scanner as standard so the NOTE 6 will also have a fingerprint scanner.

Well, there isn’t just this to the Note, because the perfection it will have will be mind boggling. The features sound mind blowing, and the phone for real will be even more of a blower may be! *winks*

Camera, check! Screen, check! The processor, a big check! As far as what is seen from the expected specs, the phone gets a green light in all! It has to, because this one is indeed the next big thing by Samsung, and what’s more to it, is yet to be discovered J. It is quite competitive with ipad air 4 as well.

Now that the phone has passed in the features section, what about the pricing?  A 1100 USD it will be. May be now you get it how much amazing the features and the phone will be; after all you cannot be charged for a 1100 USD for any random piece of shit!

So, here I have listed for you all the features and everything that is expected to come along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6! That’s all for now! You can thank me later for that huge mile and grins on your faces!