The iPhone 6 was released not less than a few months back. And here we are talking about the iPhone 7? Seems too early to talk about an iPhone, skipping one from the middle of the series! However, we talk about what nobody expects us to, so here we are talking about the iPhone 7. This phone has always maintained a standard of its own sweet different level. No matter how expensive the phone is, people are head over heels in love with this one phone brand, and of what we see, the love has only increased! *winks*

People are ready to pay thousands on this phone, without having any second thoughts, or any questions to ask. So lets see what so much the phone has, to amaze everybody with its features! Also Apple is going to release Apple iPhone 8 very soon.

Getting back to what we were talking about. The iPhone 7 will be a treat to the smartphone users! Lets dive deep into the specifications of this phone!

Display! The size increases with each version of the phone. iPhone 6 has already been a 5.5 inch, and 4.7 inches. More would result the phone turning into a tablet! So that’s what our logic says! On the screen display side, Apple is concentrating on OLED display, a path away from the regular LCD. This could be one of a successful change for the iPhone. The phone is of a well made Gorilla Glass! Decent stuff! And different too!

Apple iPhone 7 Rumored To Be Launched Very Soon

Camera! iPhone is one iconic phone when the camera is concerned. Nobody really cares with an iPhone in the hand, how much of megapixels does the phone offers! However, iPhone 7 is expected to be a 6MP front camera, and a 20 MP rear camera! iPhone has always been impressive on the camera front! And so will it be this time, and the time after!

Memory and RAM! There’s variation expected in terms of memory space of the phone! It would have 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variant! The RAM is expected to be 6GB and will have a whooping speed! Good enough this is! Apple never really disappoints you know!

Battery! This is required to be one given extra attention! Everybody wants a better chargeable phone. The phone is expected to give 18 hrs of battery with 4G network. Lets hope for more, as that’s what we need from it! The phone tiring off in the middle of photo sessions, or while playing games is not what we want from it! So, Apple, we hope you work a little extra stuff for this!

Talking about the pricing and availability of the phones, iPhone 7 is expected to be up for sale during the first quarter of 2016. The phone is expected to fall in the range of 1199 $ to 1599$. The price is quite high, so not really affordable! Hence, nothing can be officially said right now about it. Galaxy S7 would also be coming out to give stiff competition to this device.