WordPress, a highly recognized Content Management System, has become the hero of the town with its ravishing features and beautiful end results over the years. With the passing of time, the WordPress development services have been polished with many new exciting and applaudable features that have added more life to WordPress.

There is a very famous story of a woodcutter who when asked if he was given 6 hours to chop a tree what would he do? He replied with an utter modesty that he would spend the first 4 hours sharpening the axing and then invest the remaining 2 hours in cutting the tree. Time spent in acquiring the required knowledge becomes extremely useful in creating the best of results. If you do not have an in-depth knowledge of the basics of WordPress then you might end up committing some mistakes that would cost you your time and patience.

Let me take you through a list of mistakes that you might be making when using WordPress for the first time.

  • Not bothering to label the images when you are uploading them to the media libraries. This will lead to wastage of time when you want to use those images all over again.

  • Using passwords that are not strong enough to hold the privacy of the newly installed WordPress. Take efforts to create passwords that are durable in nature and cannot easily be caught by the black hatters.

  • Slow and steady wins the race. Keeping this phrase in mind select the type of theme that you intend to use. Do not indulge in Overly formatted WordPress themes when you are all new to the WordPress family.

  • Piling up your website with too many plugins that might result in overloading the website’s performance. WordPress has too many plugins mesmerizing a developer’s interest and taste when it comes to selecting the best of results. Use only those plugins that you find useful and as far as possible keep it to the minimal during the initial stages.

  • Not finding the need to use the debugging option in WordPress. There might be times when you do not find the need to use the debug option as your codes are working perfectly well. Switching on the debugging option makes sure that all the important warnings and errors that might go unnoticed.

  • Forgetting to backup your website before any updations in the plugin or themes is made. This will make sure that if anything goes wrong during the update phase you have a backup and need not worry about starting all over.

  • Not taking seriously the WordPress updates might. The world of WordPress witnesses updates every now and then with the changing technology. Do not forget to stay up-to-date with the world by updating your website as soon as an updated version of WordPress creeps into the market.

Final Note:

Above-mentioned are some of the common mistakes that a novice in the field of WordPress might come across during the initial stages. Mistakes are stepping stones to success, provided they are not repeated. WordPress development services should always be attributed with accuracy and precision so as to provide the best results.