Endless miles of shimmering sand and turquoise blue waves await you on the seashores of Croatia. This country is blessed with a beautiful coastline that bears several golden beaches and coastal towns that unveil intriguing tales from the past. The Croatian islands that adorn the Adriatic Sea are decked up with greenery and mesmerizing monuments. No matter which direction you choose, you will be greeted by idyllic scenery, surreal landscapes, and untarnished natural wonders. The best way to explore all the magical sites along the Croatian coast is to head out on a sailing adventure. Here are some of the spectacular locations that you must make a stop at while you float along with the Adriatic currents.

City Of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Croatia

A postcard from the medieval age, the city of Dubrovnik is a haven for the lovers of history. Dubrovnik contains several remnants of the ancient fortified town, such as the iconic stone walls that hold hidden fortresses. The Lovrijenac Fort and the Sponza Palace are some of the marvels of architecture while the main street or Stradun is a true representation of the local culture. The breathtaking beaches of Dubrovnik are surrounded by crystal clear waters, perfect for scuba diving. This part of the Adriatic Sea holds particularly colorful fish and crustaceans that will enthrall your soul. These wonderful features make Dubrovnik a favorite destination among sailors.

Korcula Island

Adventurous Sailing On The Coast Of Croatia

Far from the hustle and bustle of the tourist spots is the densely forested Korcula Island. This island is relatively less crowded and perfect for the seekers of solitude. The rustic towns offer a serene backdrop for an afternoon stroll, with medieval churches and small houses lining the cobbled streets. The pine forests of Korcula Island have been famous since the ancient times, and the deep hue of the trees was why the Greeks called it the Black Island. One can explore the museums in Korcula Town or can visit the local vineyards and olive plantations. This island is perfect for a relaxing break when you are tired from sailing in Croatia for hours.

Mljet National Park

Adventurous Sailing On The Coast Of Croatia

The emerald green forests of Mljet National Park offer a striking contrast against the brilliant blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. This national park is most famous for its two massive saltwater lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero. These splendid lakes are not just a treat for the eyes but are also excellent spots for swimming and kayaking. At the center of the larger lake is a Benedictine Monastery that exudes the simplistic charm of the years gone by. You can soak up the warm sunshine or even hike up to the summits of the hills for a magnificent view of the sea. Mljet National Park is a retreat that displays the best creations of nature.

City Of Makarska

Makarska Croatia

The coastal city of Makarska has a horseshoe shaped bay that is sandwiched between the expansive Adriatic Sea and the Biokovo Mountain. A stroll through the promenade, in the cool shade of palm trees, is a great activity for a laid back day. You can also visit the Sea Shell Museum for its unique collection that includes a giant clam shell. Meanwhile, the adventurous travelers can head over to the slopes of the Biokovo Mountain that offer trails for hiking and mountain biking. At night, the city becomes extremely vibrant, thanks to the restaurants and discotheques along the beach. This glorious city that sprouted around a natural harbor is a must visit.

Brac Island

Adventurous Sailing On The Coast Of Croatia

The island of Brac holds various diverse treasures. From the horn-shaped beach of Zlatni Rat to the fine stone sculptures of Supetar Mausoleum, each part of the island has something unique to offer. The Museum of Olive Oil at Skrip narrates the story of olive oil production on the island while the Dragon’s Cave is embellished with some fascinating carvings. Brac also boasts of one of the best sites for windsurfing in Croatia, at Bol. Be it the charming old towns of the north or the awe-inspiring beaches of the south, the stunning sights of this island are captivating. As you drop your anchor here, be prepared for an invigorating experience.

These exceptionally majestic islands and towns will make your marine expedition the best voyage of your lifetime. These sailing destinations offer a kaleidoscope of Croatia’s cultural and natural beauty.