Experience the new look of New Extender Setup with the help of Netgear Genie Setup and trust us, the configuration of this device with your router is fun, not frustration. It is completely dependent upon you that how you take this setup: mildly or harshly. It is not a big deal when you do Netgear Extender Setup with your devices through mywifiext.

netgear genie setup

Netgear Genie Setup: A Brief Introduction

  • It comes with the smart features that it can manage and repair all your network problems automatically.
  • Have full control over the live Internet connection coming from the main router. Also, it notifies you when you have crossed the 50% of your limit of data access.
  • With the help of this app, you can hide and control the sites that you don’t want to show to your children.
  • Your guests often visit your house and ask for your WiFi password, this app helps you set a limit for them to access the Internet.
  • Also, comes with a feature of speed test where you can compare your Internet speed with other normal non-Netgear Genie app networks.
  • Keep all your devices up-to-date and in well-running position.

New Extender Setup: Makes Installation Easy

This feature of New Extender Setup will lighten all your worries and turn your “Dead Zones” to “Live Zones”. You can either follow the manual steps (you will find it when you will unbox your range extender) or go with the views shared by us.

For a good power supply, choose the best wall socket of power supply in your house and plug your range extender into it. Do one thing, bring your router in the same room and place it near to your extender.

As soon as you plug in both of your devices, you need to put the power on in order to see stable LEDs on both the devices. If this is not the case, don’t worry, just go for the WPS button (push and release) on both the devices in a gap of two minutes.

Now the time has come when the solid green lights have clearly appeared on your devices.

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Mywifiext: Keep your Devices Connected with each other

Take any of your devices (computer or laptop) and open a web browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can also go with Internet Explorer and in the address bar, type mywifiext or the IP address of your range extender. There is a possibility that you see an error message like “Page Not Found”. So what will you do to log in successfully?

Come out of the web browser, clear the entire browsing history, cache, and cookies, and then restart your computer. If you find that your device is overheated (extender, router or PC), shut them down for a short while and once they are cool down, start them back again. It is stupidity to work with your heated devices; it will cause the biggest mishap.

The next it will ask you for:

Netgear Extender Setup: Keep your Devices Updated and Running

Once mywifiext or the IP address of your device has successfully asked you to enter the home page of Netgear Extender Setup, type the default “username” and “password” provided to you by your Internet Service Provider or you can also enter them by default. In case you have failed to go through both the steps, we would like to suggest you contact your ISP immediately and ask them for default login credentials to enter. You can also look for the same into the manual steps provided to you by your dealer along with your device.

Once your page has accepted your login details, don’t wait for anything or seek any advice. Just keep following the positive clicks and at last, click finish completing the setup.

We are eagerly waiting for your valuable feedback. Let us exchange questions, answers, and queries with each other in the comment box we provided for you below.