Data drives most of our actions and policies today, with about 87% of office-based physicians in the healthcare sector utilizing the electronic health record system (EHR) in the U.S. The Electronic Health Record system provides physicians with the flexibility of entering data through a sophisticated software as compared to the conventional method of paper and a pen. These systems are tailored to meet the ever-so demanding needs of the physicians that need them, with dedicated sections such as the medication and allergies section, patient’s financial status section etc.

Why Switch to EHR:

So why EHR? We here at CureMD have come up with 5 benefits as to why you should switch to an EHR system from your prevalent data entering methods. Take a look below: • It helps in providing disease-particular software tools which are designated for different diseases. No need to waste time on data-entry again and again, just add on your expertise and you are good to go. • It helps in organizing and coordinating all of your data in one place! The less clutter, the better, right? Try our Avalon EHR- exclusively available for iPad. • With our industry-grade safety protocols, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands. Take a demo at • Electronic prescribing enables prescriptions to be processed rapidly, with an updated drug knowledgebase, so you don’t have to worry about the competition. • Physician to patient interaction is the among the crucial best practices, which enables a thorough and a conclusive diagnosis to be made. With CureMD’s adaptive EHR, you’re sure to maximize your time with your patients and create an integrative environment for the patients as well as for you.

CureMD is here to facilitate your data-entry needs:

CureMD specializes in providing superior EHR services across the globe, with endless solutions for your customized needs. Our services help ensure that you get the best out of your EHR system with 24/7/365 support from our respondents. With the functionality of Smart Cloud, our very own cloud service, physicians can access their favorite electronic labs and report their orders and errors respectively. Besides these awesome features, with the interoperability connectivity, you can connect seamlessly with Health information exchanges, pharmacies and other stakeholders of the health sector. Over 123,000 + users, nationwide, are reducing their risks and costs through our flawless EHR system. While at the same time ensuring high quality, compliance, and effective patient interaction. So get a free demo now! Call us at +1 866 643 8367 or fill out the form below, so that our respondents can get back to you.