For anyone decides to go to a new country is a big step. You are obligated to meet many challenges, including some cultures, languages, latest regulations and lifestyle, etc. However, before you reach there, Visa application is the most crucial phase in the procedure of migrating to another country. The process and perquisites of visa application vary from countries to countries.

Applying for a visa is a mandatory task, where denying not only loses huge money but also closes its routes for Australia.  Because of the number of various migration programs with their unique requirements and norms per country, genuine errors can be easily made in visa applications.

visa application

Would not it be nice to hear from a specialist that what is likely to be wrong during your migration and to know some simple tips on how to prevent them?  The most general errors are stated below.

  • The most up-to-date version of each form is used to make a valid application for the Immigration and Citizenship Department, and if your application cannot be sent back as invalid. Forms can change many times in a year, so check the version date at the bottom right corner compared to information on the DIAC website.
  •  Many people who wish to go to Australia find themselves on the wrong side of the law because they lodged for an inaccurate visa. It can be held responsible for the fact that some people are not attentive that of which visa is right for them. There are various types of Australian visas.
  • The applicant is required to give a cover letter that outlined the reason for applying for a visa. A cover letter is a summary used to show your case and attempts to convince the department to accept it. You have to simplify it for the case officer to read, not only do they know.
  • DIAC and Assessing Officers are very special about this and they have different guidelines for approval of the accredited documents. In many cases, the certified copies of the documents are correctly signed and dated and not only ink-printed. Read the guidelines and make sure that you are taking them in the letter.  You may be asked to certify the documents correctly if you will give incorrect Certificate. If you are asked for it, then supply it. Get organized and gather whatever you need before you need it.
  • DIAC does not want to know you are a great person or a member of a great team. They want to learn that you are in skilled worker and your tasks are related to your sponsor business. If necessary, look at the similar ASCO details that are shown to your employer. Insufficient information on references can lead to denial because DIAC may not be satisfied that you are in skilled employment.
  •  DIAC will look closely and verify your claims. From DIAC, Your employer and previous employer have information that they can get calls. Be ready to evidence payment through P60 payslips etc. The DIAC will deny your visa application, in the case cannot clear your claims.
  • While applying for an Australian visa providing inaccurate or incomplete forms is another general error. That is, if you have been convicted of any crime, whether it has been spent or not, it should be declared. To give false or misleading information to the Australian government, it is considered a criminal offense. You need to answer all the question asked you to answer. Additionally, honestly, consistent and carefully you have to answer all the queries.  Because unanswered questions can be the reason for your visa delay or cancellation after visa.
  • One of the reasons for the failure of people in the interview is that they fail to express themselves in English. It is possible to make an analyst on this matter. There are also people who say a lot of data and other unlinked things that make it difficult to understand for the case officer or tribunal member.

Lodging an Australian visa is not formalism. This can be an inexpensive, complex, long process. A minor mistake can have harsh consequences where you may need to give extra info or as a result, there may be an invalid application without the return of a visa application fee.

Perform all requests from time to time; if you do not respond within the time limit, then the provided DIAC can refuse the application. So, take a deep breath and relax – enjoy the process! This is an exciting time! Prevent these general consequences and you will be good on the way to a simple, hassle-free migration to Australia.

Get an expert suggestion from registered migration agent Perth before enrolling in your application for a new life in Australia and increase your chances of successful visa approval!