What to pack in the valise? What to take with you? How to take everything you need? Your business trip will start soon and you packing shouldn’t be stressful.

You know, every little thing means much when you are on the go. Even the way you packed your valise plays an important role. Packing is a part of your big travel strategy. There are many tips to improve it. Thus, you can easily make your trip better by hiring a good car in one click! Rental24h all can help you! What about packing? Is there a helpful mobile app to pack your suitcase instead of you? If you are new in business traveling, it would be difficult to struggle with your suitcase, trying to pack your clothes, laptop, documents and everything that is important for your trip.



Make a Plan

There are so many ideas and tasks in your head to remember! And you probably have million more tasks for tomorrow. Nevertheless, it is enough to spend about 15 minutes to make a plan of your trip, considering where you go, weather, dress code and timelines. It helps to pack faster!

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Tips to Pack

There are several tips to upgrade the way you are packing. Just check them out! But first of all, think of a good suitcase to pack your luggage in. The branded roller bag is the best variant for a business traveler. The size of it depends on the length of a trip. You can’t believe it, but roller bag is usually enough for the trip of 20 days.

  1. How much clothes do you need? Pack less!

Do you think you need a lot? Just follow the rule: think of what you need and take just a half! If you are not sure, just take two thirds of it!

  1. Bring clothes that are dark colors

There is a simple explanation: dark clothes can easily hide stains. Especially, if you don’t have many clothes with you, you should give your preferences to the dark colors. Besides, dark color suits to every form and figure.

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  1. Use dry cleaner bags to minimize wrinkles

Of course, packing is difficult because of wrinkles. That means you have to pack your clothes carefully in such a way to minimize wrinkles. There is a simple helpful decision: try to use clean and dry plastic bags. It will help your clothes to look presentable. Just take it out and hang in the wardrobe. There is one more interesting variation. You may take your clothes out of the bag and put it into the hot shower. It works like a steam press to take the wrinkles out.

  1. Use digital luggage scale for your luggage

Traveling by plane, you have to follow a luggage scale for not to pay additional fee. You may use digital luggage scale to learn the size and weight of your valise in kilos. Of course, traveling abroad you realize that different carries have different rules about the weight of your luggage. You can easily check it beforehand using your digital scale.

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  1. Pack clothes you can combine with one another

Definitely, you want to pack as much your favorite clothing items as you want. Do you really need it? Think of making your luggage lighter! If you want to look good and change you look many times during the day, try to pick clothing items that you can easily combine with one another or make layer look. It can be a sweater, top, cardigan, t-shirt and other thing you can layer over top of one another. Of course, don’t forget about scarves and glasses. Why do you need a scarf? Wow, it’s a versatile item you can use as stylish accessory or blanket in the car. Think of colors. A good stylish scarf can be easily combined with different parts of your stylish look.

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Your traveling depends on many different things. You can find a lot of interesting and helpful advices about how to make your business trip better. Start from the very beginning. Packing is the first and very responsible step in your travel story. Think of the country you are going to and start packing with the positive attitude to everything you have in your suitcase and everything what is going on around you. Don’t make your valise heavy. It is not comfortable to take it with you. It is better to think a little and use some tips to have a light and well-packed suitcase. Whatever you have, a business meeting, dinner, evening party, and cocktail banquet – you can pick a good stylish look for any occasion. It’s a key to business travel! Whatever happens on the go, dirty spots, cracked skirt or broken heel, just take out something from your valise and try it on…it suits you!