We all have seen learning happening in brick and mortar institutions. We are also aware about the varied online course options available today.

But did you know that learning can happen on mobile phones too!  This is the latest trend in education and with more and more people using their mobile phones to access the internet, mobile learning or m-learning as it is called, has amassed many admirers! The best part about accessing learning solutions on this kind of a platform is that, it provides the user with both flexibility and mobility.

Just like online learning, mobile learning can be done from anywhere around the world and at any time. However to utilize this platform you need more than just a mobile phone and access to the internet, on it. To do so, you also require educational institutions to provide you with mobile learning solutions. And, in order that they may offer these, as add-ons to their regular educational programs, it is necessary that they first get mobile learning solutions, created for themselves.

Today, a large number of companies specialize in the spheres of designing e-learning and m-learning solutions. Once they have been briefed and their services have been enlisted, these companies are quick to come up with bespoke m-learning solutions for institution specific courses.

What are Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile learning solutions simply explained are just like any other learning program, except that they are created for mobile phones and are accessed using them! Mobile learning solutions use a variety of platforms like e-learning, educational technology and distance education. People access this kind of learning, using different mobile devices.

Gadgets that range from ordinary mobile phones with an internet connection to  handheld computers, smart phones, iPads, cell phones and tablets, besides others.

How Are Mobile Learning Solutions Created

The task of creating learning solutions for mobile phones however, is not such a simple one! It takes special knowledge, skill sets and experience in the sphere, to get it right for this medium of instruction. Companies creating mobile learning solutions, employ teams of solution architects and experts in instructional design, visual design and technology to do the job!

Mobile learning solutions evolve through the stages of initiation, planning and implementation. Post the initial briefing and goal setting stage, a blue print of the mobile learning solution is created. Aspects such as, whether the m-learning content is suitable enough or not; whether the solution should be based on custom learning or rapid learning; what needs to be the learning strategy and the software that should be used, are worked out during the initial stages.

The implementation stage involves, utilizing appropriate tools to develop components of mobile learning solutions. During this period a number of other functions are also performed. These range from,  the creation of programs with single-build multi-device support; the conversion of material from e-learning format to m-learning format; the testing of courses across varied platforms; and the checking of resolutions and devices.

Advantages of Accessing Learning Solutions Using Mobile Phones

Technological advances today have permeated the sphere of education! Mobile learning solutions offer multiple advantages to learners as well as to instructors.  The collaborative nature of the process of learning here, reportedly helps students score higher marks in their examinations. Everything is instantaneous in m-learning, from sharing of learning material, examination tips to feedback and results!

Mobile learning has a strong connect with youngsters and students. One of the main reasons for this is that, it ushers in new-age devices used by youngsters generally for leisure and entertainment, into classrooms and into the educational arena. Simultaneously, the fact that mobile devices are portable, light weight and easy to carry, compared to textbooks and laptops, also adds to their popularity with the younger generation!

This article was written by Eliana Sarsforst Zulsberg, an education consultant, who believes that mobile learning solutions, are practical and go well with the times.