Nothing will kill your management efforts more quickly than using management solutions that are outdated! If you want to get the most out of your employees, you need to not only understand the management solutions that work, but also make sure you understand the management solutions that do not work!

Here are some of the best business tips on managing the staff working for you:

1. Collaborate With Others     

One of the best ways to ensure you are “getting things right” is by collaborating with others in your business – getting their input, and finding out their thoughts on specific issues facing the business at the moment.

How to Implement

Ultimately, you will want to have a “culture of communication” in the workplace. This means that you should have a handful of individuals with whom you sometimes brainstorm and collaborate. These employees should then each have a handful of people under them, with whom they can brainstorm and collaborate. And so on. In this way, you will always have good ideas coming your way… and you will continue to empower your employees along the way.

2. Work on Yourself

If you work on yourself, then – making sure you are taking things seriously in your business, and doing what you can, to work your hardest and put the business in the best possible position to succeed, you will find that others are taking your lead, and are taking care of themselves and working harder.

How to Implement

Create a list of the areas in which you need to be taking better care of yourself – areas in which you can start improving. Come up with a plan on HOW you will start improving in these areas, and follow this plan.

3. Help Those You Are In Charge Of

We all want to succeed – it is something that everyone has in them! So, when you take an active interest in your employees, or in those whom you manage, and work intentionally to help them succeed, you will not only find you are getting harder work out of them, but will also find that they are seeing their confidence to go higher, and are giving you better work as a result.

How to Implement

Get together with your collaborative team! Ask them, “What can we do to better help our employees succeed?” Take time to explore with this collaborative team the obstacles that your employees might be facing, and see what you can do together to minimize these obstacles.

Best Business Tips On Managing The Staff Working For You

4. Engender Open Communication

If your employees feel that you never listen – if they feel that their input is completely invaluable and that their suggestions hold no weight – do you think they are going to stick around and keep working hard for you? Probably not! More than likely, they will look for a new opportunity – one where they can take an active interest in the business, because they feel the business is taking an active interest in them.

How to Implement

Sure, one way to implement is to simply make sure you are actively listening to those employees who are coming to you with their thoughts and suggestions. But you also need to remember that there are going to be some employees who will not come to you directly. For these employees, you need to make sure you are going to them directly and finding out what thoughts and suggestions they have!

The business landscape is always changing, and if you want to achieve success, you need to understand what things look like in the present, and you need to understand what this should mean for your approach. Always be willing to make changes to your approach as the need for change arises… and always (always!) do what you can to keep moving your business forward.

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John Smith is a business writer and a young enterpreneur from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, currently doing business in Bangkok, Thailand.