From arguments about who drives to fears about breaking down, using your own transport for party nights or airport trips isn’t always ideal.

Minibus Travel Makes Special Times More So

Hen Nights and Weddings

Not just on hen nights but on stag nights too, keeping everyone together so all arrive at the venue on time and no one gets lost ensures the party gets off to a good start.

Many pre-wedding parties for both bride and groom are held at special venues that are some distance from the home town, and on these occasions the convenience and implicating of organised transport makes sense.

Companies such as make sure everyone stays together and arrives together. No one has the responsibility of driving meaning everyone gets to enjoy themselves without worrying. Not only that, there’s so much more room in a mini bus so you’ll often find the party begins before you even arrive.

For wedding parties too, a minibus can solve the problem of getting the main wedding guests safely and comfortably from the ceremony to the reception venue. When you have several bridesmaids, plus parents and close relatives of the bride and groom to care for, laying on organised transport shows your concern for everyone’s comfort, and also makes sure none of the party gets lost if they’re not familiar with the area. Consider also how the other guests will get from one place to the other. Maybe they would appreciate a minibus. Organising this as early on as possible also makes the job of the ushers and best man easier, as according to Wedding Planner it’s their job to make sure everyone has transport from church to reception.

Holiday Transport Hire

Getting to and from the airport needn’t be a hassle, especially if you’re travelling with extended family or a larger group of friends. Minibus companies often specialise in making airport trips and offer a 24 hours service which is especially convenient for those night flights when you’re probably half asleep at the time you need to depart. Most airports are covered by companies, including those from regional airports, so if, for instance you’re looking for Bristol airport transfers it’s relatively easy to find a locally based company who can lay on specialised transport for your party at any time.

Sharing costs between the entire party means it’s also a very cost effective way to get everyone to the airport. When you consider the alternative of everyone arriving in their own cars and paying for several sets of extended stay parking fees, not to mention the individual fuel costs of everyone to get there, the savings really mount up.

A couple more of the advantages of hiring a minibus to get your party to the airport includes all the space for luggage. And don’t forget dealing with jet lag on long-haul flights. Arriving rested and stress-free helps you settle into new time zones faster, but here are some other tips on coping with jet lag to help you along.

If you’re planning a special night out or holiday, considering alternative modes of transport can help the event get off to the best start.