There are many farm sanctuaries across the world that protect both wild animals as well as some domesticated animals. All these animals are rescued from situations, where they would have otherwise been victimized and which would have spelled their doom.

What does a Farm Sanctuary do?

Steers and cows would typically have a lifespan of about 2 years under human captivity or end up on the dinner plates of people. However, some animals would live in the wild for more than 25 years. Nowadays, the distinction between wild as well as domestic animals is gradually blurring since when any animal is free, it would show its primordial nature and they can be classified as “wild animals.” A farm sanctuary protects the animals and their right to life. If you notice, many millions of animals have been slaughtered for human consumption and, therefore, these animals need to be conserved before they can be hurt by humans. A farm sanctuary does exactly that – it protects the animals from being slaughtered by people. These are havens for abused animals that have been either abandoned or victimized in some way or another.

Visit A Farm Sanctuary For Your Next Vacation

Why Visit a Farm Sanctuary?

Not for profit farm sanctuaries such as the Dancing Star Foundation are run by kind-hearted people, who rescue animals that are lucky enough to survive and they protect the animals from being slaughtered. Instead of visiting a place that is well-known to you every summer, visit a farm sanctuary, which will help you to also get a lesson or two on environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and so on. You will have an experience like no other when you visit an animal sanctuary. You can either take a tour or even volunteer so that when you return to school, you can tell your fellow students about the experience you had at the sanctuary. You can even see how the animals relate to each other when they are together at the sanctuary. Bonds begin to form when personalities emerge. Not only will you be touched by animal stories, but will also feel like protecting them in your own way. Moreover, you will have stories to tell about your own experience at the farm.

What can you Learn from there?

You can not only take vegan cooking classes at the farm sanctuary, but also learn how to maintain a healthful diet that is plant-based. Check out the website of the farm sanctuary to see whether they are offering vegan cooking classes or whether they are offering workshops on wildlife conservation, etc. When you are surrounded by so many farm animals, you will automatically be inspired to take action. Who knows? You might even end up working at the farm sanctuary as a volunteer or you might make it a hobby to volunteer over there. When you visit a farm sanctuary such as the Dancing Star Foundation, you might also decide to get in touch with the local federal representatives on behalf of the not so fortunate animals that have been probably slaughtered by people.