The name Avra Banerjee isn’t new in the exhilarating world of Indie Music artists. The composer and excellent Sarod player, who had created a huge wave with his melodious album “Ragamorphism”, released in 2014 across all platforms of Indie Music was a favorite of all.  And now after a long wait, he is back with his new album, Mausamee. This album has been sung by brilliant singers. Wonderful singers such as Talat Aziz, Rupankar Bagchi, Raghab Chatterjee and our very own; Mahalaxmi Iyer and Hariharan have sung for this album. “Mausamee” is an album the takes you on a musical journey of celebration of Love and pronounces how it exists in myriad forms in our short-lived lives.

The first song “Mausamee” is sung to commemorate the meeting of two lovers. The Urdu lyrics are poetic and describe beautiful imagery which feels utopian. The lover compares his beloved to various things. First, he compares her to those silky clouds he has been waiting his entire life for. Then he says that “she has a strange breath which feels like a person is holding ice in his hands…” Sitar in the background generates a meaningful and vibrant atmosphere. The lyrics are a class apart. The melting and mesmerizing voice of Hariharan feels like that invisible sweet scent which pulls you towards itself.

Mausamee By Avra Banerjee-Album Review

“Tere Anjuman” is a melodious track that explores the Relationship between God and his disciple. He is the supreme power in our universe and the answer to every question in our life. A good fusion track with musical Urdu lyrics, lending in an element of religious transcendence, which the singer tries to explore in his song. However, after a point, the track gets repetitive, with countless imagery that the singer tries to breathe life into. Nevertheless, the track doesn’t get monotonous and it is just because of the infrequent pitches used by the singer. This song has been sung by.

“Rahe Ulfat” is a delightful classical genre song, composed with brilliant fusion beats that captivate your heart. Sung in a mellifluous voice by the singer, this song, talks about the journey of love. What gets stuck with you is the melody of this track.

“Saki Nazar se” is another beautiful song. Exploring the intricacies of a relationship, this song, has a poetic element to its Urdu inspired lyrics. The beats are classical and take you back to the era of classical romantics, which haven’t been explored for a very long time in the music industry. This beautiful song has been sung by.

“Zalim” is a melodious classical song. The voice of the singer,-  lends in a desired sombre tone to this song, which is an effort to explore the passions of a love loan man. The interesting imageries brought to life are enthralling. Overall, this is a tuneful song, with really captivating lyrics.

“Allah Mujhe”, explores the Power of Almighty. It takes you on a journey of colorful imageries and similes. Sung in the praise of the Omnipresent, this track is a soulful rendition of prayer that the singer presents to us.  This song has been sung by.

“Chand Kahoon Kya” is a sweet & harmonious track of this album, sung by. A splendid romantic song, sung for a beloved, steals your heart, with its sweet lyrics. This song has those sweet, romantic and intimate feelings, exploring the beauty of his love; through the song.

Overall, the album “Mausamee” by Avra Banerjee, explores love. Love isn’t just limited to the romantic form, as mainstream Bollywood music; proclaims hugely. Mausamee, explores the various forms of love. From the ultimate form of unconditional love and boundless connection we share with our Almighty, to the beautiful and innocent romantic bond, we share with our partner. Life is incomplete without the beautiful feeling of Love, and this song is a heartfelt endeavor to explain us that.

You can go to the website, Songdew; who has brought to us such a melodious and tuneful album. It’s a brilliant endeavor by Songdew, to give a platform to such talented musicians to express their craft in the online platform. You can go to the official website of Songdew to listen to the melodious songs of this beautiful Album, “Mausamee”.