Australia is a really good country to get PR visas to live and work for an infinite period. Accessible rules, process, and hassle-free immigration policies attract many permanent residents from all over the world, especially India. A permanent Residency procedure of Australia is a controlled and a standardized, point-based system that examines all applications based on applicant’s certificates, including human core factors as well as academic and expertise factors.

If you are aiming for a permanent residence in Australia, then the need for the English language is an important factor. As Australia is an English speaking country, the government ensures that applicants who come to Australia are proficient in the English language.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a widely accepted test that assesses the applicant’s English language skill, and then scores.

Australian permanent residency visa gives many benefits such as:

  • The right to nominate other family members for Australian temporary and a permanent visa.
  • Right to stay and work in any part/state of Australia for an unlimited period.
  • Enjoy the advantage of government-run health insurance plan.
  • Some social security benefits can also be paid
  • After meeting the necessary criteria, Australian citizens can apply for citizenship

Anyhow, the big query is, can Australia permits PR without IELTS? Is it also possible that Australia is giving a permanent residence without giving IELTS?  Well, if you are not ready to sit for IELTS, then there are other English language test exams that are equivalently right by the Immigration Department of Australia. Below stated are the English Language exams that are accepted in Australia:

  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • Cambridge English Advanced Examination (CAE)
  • Testing English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL IBT)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Occupational English Examination (OET)

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However, IELTS or other English language test is mandatory for the applicant to give it a non-English speaking country and is applying for a permanent residency in Australia. However, some Australia has permanent residency visas, where it is not mandatory to give English language need to prove language proficiency. Are you searching for Australia permanent residence visa?   Below are the probable routes:

  • English exams are not required if you are applying for Family Stream visa. Lodging application for a partner visa is an option if you are in a relationship with a Permanent resident or Australian citizen.  You do not have to speak English with partner visa. Parental Visas are another choice; however, because of not being older children can make this choice impossible.
  • Instead of IELTS, other English tests are now accepted by the Immigration Department. Rather than IELTS, You can sit for PTE, TOEFL or Cambridge. Some people say that PTE is easier than IELTS, although officially both are similar tantamount to a match for as good as commensurable. In this situation, you still have to prove that your English is at an essential level.
  • Children under the age of 18 do not have to sit in the English exam that is dependent on PR visas.
  • If none of the above applies to you then there may be another option – if your partner is the major applicant for a skilled visa, then you do not need to speak English. By paying some extra fees to the Australian Immigration Department, you can go away from the English language requirement test.

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