Malaysia is one of the most beautiful and lively countries in the south-east of Asia. It is flanked by countries such as Thailand, China, Indonesia and Singapore. Malaysia is geographically divided into two parts they are East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia, the latter being the most famous amongst tourist. Malaysia has become an important travel destination because of its rich culture, breath taking nature and ancient historic connections. The climate in Malaysia is often sultry throughout the year. However, it is pleasant enough to attract many of the tourists. Getting to Malaysia is not at all difficult. Buses to Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital city of Malaysia ply regularly to neighboring countries such as Brunel, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Malaysia A Wonderful Place To Visit

Malaysia can also be reached by sea form neighboring countries. There are number of ports such as Penang, Kuching and Klang. A wide range of the events and festivities are celebrated in Malaysia as a unique blend of multiple religions. Malaysia travel destination includes a number of tropical islands, national parks and also getaways. Langkawl Penang, Labuan. Pangkor are the islands where tourists can indulge in scuba diving to watch coral reefs. Various beautiful natural parks such as Bako national park, Batang national park, kubah national park and many more attract tourists to variety of wildlife. There are many places of interest around Malaysia. Beautiful cities in Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Johor Bahur and many traveling destinations are present in Malaysia. There are many bus from Johor to KLIA2 are available for the travelers.

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One of the most visited places in Asia is Johor Bahru. It is a city located in Malaysia that connects the country to Singapore. This city is highly visited because it is highly urbanized ad has the best shopping experience and has many attraction to visit. These attractions may not be like those Thailand but they have a few boast. Aside from that, this city is one place where Singaporeans and Malaysians meet and greet, have fun and enjoy the night away. Aside from Johor Bahru another place which has not been explore that much is Burau Bay which is found in Lagkawi. Just like famous beaches, this place boasts a nice and seductive beach and shore line. It is surrounded by wild rainforest.

After visiting and enjoying all these places they can reach the airports. From Johor many buses are available to reach the Kuala Lumpur airport. It takes four hours bus from Johor to KLIA2. The bus service provides a vast selection of online bus tickets and bus service booking options. The best website to book the online ticket for the buses to KLIA2 is the which offers a wide range of e-tickets for many destinations. The process of booking are very simple, as it is a familiar website one has to book the tickets earlier because there is a chance of unavailability who wants to book ticket at last minute.