Mahabaleshwar is a tranquil town located close to Mumbai and noted for its high religious significance. It is abundantly blessed by Mother Nature home to numerous springs, waterfalls, streams, lake, temples, and many others. Visit the place during next vacation and pick from the best Mahabaleshwar hotels.

Mahabaleshwar, a small hill town in the Satara district of Maharashtra is a tranquil religious village. It is about 220 k.m. from Mumbai (the capital of the state) and is a place abundant with natural wealth. It has a large and stunning array of wildlife and birds that makes it a highly sought-after tourist destination in south-western India. Also used as a health resort whose foundation was laid by Sir John Malcolm, the Governor of the town during British colonial era, there are many who visit the town to rejuvenate in the clean, pollution-free surroundings. The sacred Krishna River that flows through Maharashtra and many other south Indian states originates here.  There is a statue of a cow with the water of the holy river spouting of the statue’s mouth. Religious put the site high on reverence and millions of pilgrims visit the venue year after year. Being a religious town there are various mythological legends that circles the place. According to one of the popular legends the Krishna River is the Hindu Lord Vishnu himself who turned into the river when Savitri cursed him along with Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. The other two Hindu Lords, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma are believed to be the two tributaries of River Krishna, namely Venna and Koyana flowing through the region.

Mahabaleshwar - A Popular Health Resort And A Highly Revered Place In Maharashtra

A visit to the place helps you relax and find spiritual solitude. It is still very much untouched by modernization and has clean, pollution free environment. Being present at the place brings you closer to Mother Nature and helps you understand the rich Indian culture and traditional heritage. It comprises of three villages that have been patching the place for multiple decades. They are Malcolm Peth, Shindola, and Old “Kshetra” Mahabaleshwar. While in the town, visiting the villages is a must-do as they are probably the best places to understand and relish culture and genuine hospitality of the place. If you prefer, you could also enjoy homestay at one of the village homes. Besides, there are sufficient numbers of Mahabaleshwar hotels that offer luxury filled stay making your tour of the town an experience to remember for long.

Visiting Venna Lake is a highly popular activity here. Located in the midst of lush green wood the Venna Lake is a beautiful lake that generally remains busy with tourists. It is one of the best places to visit in the town. Tourists enjoy serenity here. Plus, there are facilities like boating and fishing that can be relished. Tourists can also enjoy a little horse riding, which will simply sweep you off your feet. Additionally, Lingmala Falls is also a highly popular tourist spot attracting huge masses of nature buffs and adventurers. It is located about 6 k.m. from the town. Water plunges down from a height of about 500 feet and makes the most scenic setting. If you are a nature buff you have to visit the place.

The other significant places of interest that you simply cannot miss are: Krishna Temple, Panchgani, Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple, Tapola, Pratapgarh Fort, Afzal Khan Tomb, and Bhawani Mandir.