There are things that should be left to a PHP and Magento programmer, and the following list contains the most important of them all. Getting a clean and efficient code is not a simple matter. There are some projects that should be left to PHP developers. Take a look at these seven:

  • Choosing the right expression

When you need to replace strings, should you use str_replace(), ereg_replace() or preg_replace()? The fastest way to go about it is using str_replace() instead of the latter two. According to speed tests, it is 61% faster. But this is not always the case. For regular expressions the opposite needs to be done. To make this decision, it is safe to always use a PHP programmer.

  • Using ternary operators

Using ternary operators instead of if/then statements can reduce the length of the code by a significant amount. But using ternary operators correctly is no simple task. When you are looking for a clean and short code, this is the way to go. But trust a PHP developer to do it right.

7 Projects You Should Use A Developer For

  • Choosing the correct caching option

There are caching options which are easy for a developer to work with, but are not as efficient as others; and there are caching options that are not easy or simple at all, but are the most efficient options available. A PHP programmer will be able to work with an option like the latter, for example, memcached.

  • Using a framework – to do or not to do?

Every new project may not be able to use a PHP framework. When you are creating a website, you can take a quick shortcut by using frameworks like Symfony or Zend to greatly speed up your work. But the decision about whether to do this or not should be made by a PHP developer.

  • Using the error suppression operator correctly

The error suppression operator is a handy tool. Placing @ in front of an expression can show you any errors that you might have made. But it is not an easy thing to do. Using it wrongly can not only cost you time, but money as well. It is a costly mistake to made. A PHP programmer will know how to use the @ operator correctly and to your benefit.

  • Increasing speed by using isset for strlen

There are some shortcuts that can help you increase the speed of finishing writing a code by multiple times. These shortcuts are such that everyone is not well versed with using them. A PHP developer is an expert of sorts, and can increase speed upto five times by correctly using isset for strlen.

  • The importance of commenting

When you look at code from someone else, and find that is poorly commented upon, or worse, not commented upon at all, you feel that the code has been developed by a novice. It can create problems in further development. A PHP developer will know where to comment and how to make sure that there are no confusing lines or parts in the code without an explanation.

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