If you live in San Diego, there is no shortage of problems with plumbing systems. Likewise, there is no shortage of good plumbers too. Basically, they deal with every system in your home that has to deal with water flow. This includes everything from your main water supply from where the water enters, to the drainage system where it leaves your home.

Knowing a little bit about what services they offer can be helpful towards finding the right plumbing contractor. Some knowledge about your plumbing system allows you to better compare service quality and prices and get a better deal.

Know What Kind Of Services Your Local Plumber In San Diego Provides

Unclogging Drainage

Clogging is about the most common problem everywhere when it comes to the plumbing system. We are not always careful about what we put down the drain and it leads to a lot of clogs over time. The most common areas plumbers find clogging include:

  • Toilets
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Underground drainage

If the clog is recent or small, the technician will simply use a plunger to put pressure and clear the drain. If the clog is deeper, the plumber will try to use a drain snake and unclog it. Sometimes, the contractors may use a camera with the snake to find out exactly where the clog is and how severe it may be. If the clog is particularly hard, they use hydrojetting, which pumps out water at the clogs at a great pressure.

Fixing Leaked Pipes

Plumbers will also identify the source of leaks if you find some. If you see water seeping from strange places in your wall, the most likely cause is a leaked pipe. A plumber will:

  • check for faucets and where they leak
  • identify the main source of the leak
  • replace leaking pipes

similar to finding clogs, plumbers may employ a camera to more closely identify where a pipe is leaking. This also tells whether the pipes need to be repaired or replaced completely. If the leaks are in a pipe buried inside the wall, they may need to dig a hole through the wall. This is usually not a worry other than having to repaint the repair spot.

Preventive Inspections

Plumbers also provide inspections services. These can help you prevent plumbing problems from occurring in the first place. Inspection usually involves:

  • snaking a camera down every pipe and drainage in your residence
  • checking for leaks and potential weaknesses in the piping
  • identifying potential clog areas
  • opening up your underground drainage system and inspecting it for any problems

A thorough plumbing inspection takes a few hours and reliable services like those from plumbingplus.net don’t cost you as much. This is especially so compared to the huge costs that may occur if potential leaks get bigger and you get broken pipes.

Emergency Services

Toilet clogs and broken pipes usually quality as emergency services. Plumbers can reach your home at any time of the day or night, but this service is usually more expensive than a regular call. Nonetheless, it can be valuable if you want to avoid a housing emergency like flooding from the bathroom or kitchen.