The term foodie is used to refer to an individual who seeks out and enjoys new restaurants, wines and foods. A foodie has a lust for new food experiences, and enjoys the entire experience of eating which includes exploring food, shopping for food, preparing and cooking food, and of course eating great food.

Know About This Well-Known Foodie from Los Angeles

Naman Wakil is a renowned foodie and a food enthusiast from Los Angeles who eats food that supports health and vitality. He is a freelance food blogger and loves experimenting with new cuisines, foods and cuisines. He has been into food blogging for more than a decade now and cannot think of anything else. He states that the knack of replacing ingredients becomes particularly helpful as not only does one get to enhance the taste of the food, but you also get to changeover unhealthy ingredients in the recipe. Naman recommends that one should always opt for a balanced diet with required proportion of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin and minerals and they not only keeps one in good shape but prevents certain critical diseases from coming.

Lack of balanced diet can result is serious ailments such as malnutrition which is usually caused due to lack of essential nutrients and vitamins. In addition, increased calorie in the food with less nutrition may result in obesity which in turns can lead to high blood sugar, pressure, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, cardiac arrest, renal failure and many more. Thus, it is high time that one should follow a strict balanced diet to ward off serious illnesses and in order to stay fit and healthy.

Most people are already well aware of the fact that the percentage of obesity and the rate of poor diet in America is a cause for serious concern. It is projected that in excess of sixty five percent people in the United States are bulky with almost more than half being termed as medically overweight. This is additionally worsened by the point that the majority numbers of children in America are considered overweight. The leading reason for this frightening number is the amount of poor diet in the recent times. Naman Wakil is a food lover who supports the concept of balanced diet and says that one should take plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes and avoid taking processed foods that are high in fat and sugar. Moreover, he added that whatever one eats should be in the right portion as this helps to keep the fat of the body in check, increase body’s metabolism and prevents an individual from putting on extra weight.

Naman Wakil says that if precautionary measures are not taken then obesity will soon take over tobacco as the leading preventable cause of death. Moreover he stated that one third of all cancers are due to issues of nutrition, mostly obesity. Thus, one should follow a balanced diet and refrain from eating processed foods to get a life free from diseases and health complications.

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