Our diet is the major thing which keeps you healthy and active. Try to have fresh vegetables, fruits and have slim meats. If you are a vegetarian eats dry foods like nuts and salads. Over storage food may contain toxic prepared in the food and harm you further. Take care of imported food with comes from much distance which is stored for many days causes decompose. Have a balanced diet as often as possible.


Many people are a little confused how much water should we drink per day. People say drinking less or more water causes some effects. You must drink at least 1-1.5lts water per day. You need to stay hydrated not only it keeps your internal organ good, it keeps your skin healthy and glow.

Smoking and Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol and smoking became a major part for many people to get their stress in control or to feel free for a moment. Nobody can quit smoking or drinking so easily. But addicting to this stuff may cause many dangerous situations in future slowly. The best way to avoid this stuff regularly is? Drink or smoke only occasionally not daily.

Physical Fitness

To keep yourself healthy you need to work or digest the food which you ate earlier.

Why exercise is much essential for all human being?

People suffering from obesity and growing lots of fat in their body is the main cause of ignoring exercise. Food which you ate will form energy in your body, if the energy is not used that will convert into fat and cause obesity or some health problem. You no need to find some special equipment’s or expense lot of money on some materials just make yourself free  working in any way. Wake up early to make a habit of meditation it harmonizes body and soul.

Skin, teeth, nails, hair, is all simple indications of proper health and fitness. Improper physical

Your pet animals may be you best way of exercise, like taking them to walk or playing with them.


Sleeping is most essential to keep yourself healthy. Everyone should have a sufficient eye full of sleep. Never postpone you sleep when you have proper time to. A minimum requirement of sleep for a healthy human being is 6-8hrs never ignore it. This may cause most danger problems and ends with the early death of your life.