Given all the data available and the things going on around the world, it’s frustrating to know that there are still people who deny the existence of climate change. Some of them think it’s a hoax created by companies who want to put other companies out of business. Others think it’s liberal propaganda. Regardless of the reason, it will make you feel angry and hopeless.

Before you give up on these people, you need to realize that it’s possible for you to change their views. Even if they don’t think climate change is real, there’s a chance you can talk them out of it. These are the possible reasons why you can still change how climate change deniers think.

Data doesn’t lie

When you engage in a debate with these people, you can endlessly argue about things. You can reveal your opinions and rebut the views presented by the other side. However, in the end, it’s still data that matters most. When you start presenting facts from scientists and independent researchers, the deniers will find it hard to argue with you. They will realize that it’s not propaganda and independent-minded individuals point to the same conclusion.

Actual experience changes everything 

It’s also possible for some people to experience the actual effects of climate change. The devastation that they go through is more than enough to change their minds and make them realize that something needs to happen. They might still believe that climate change didn’t cause these disasters, but they might participate in efforts to save the environment.

They just need someone to talk to 

For some of the deniers, it’s not about having deeply-held beliefs. It’s about the lack of ideas coming from the other side. They listen to the same right-wing news outlets all the time. They also receive information on their Facebook feed from conspiracy groups. Therefore, it’s difficult for them to understand what other people think. However, when they have the chance to hold an actual conversation with a reasonable person like you, the discussion could be interesting. It’s possible for you to explain your beliefs along with the facts that support them. The other person will listen to you and think that perhaps you’re right. An exchange of opinion could be a good start.

It’s not about belief in climate change only 

You don’t have to convince people to believe that climate change is real to make them help in your efforts to save the environment. Even if they think climate change is unreal, they understand that nature is a source of many things. These resources might run out without proper care.  It’s enough to make them realize that they have to do something.

Introducing them to simple changes like labeling trash bins or partnering with companies providing junk removal services which would be enough for them to contribute to environmental protection. When they understand that they can take steps in helping save the environment, they will take action.