Is it okay to buy used machinery?

 It may take a while for you to locate the proper machinery for you, however, you can always ensure that you are getting your return on investment when you take the time to properly research. There are plenty of shops and factories that have used machinery that really only takes up space. While conducting research you should also call around to talk prices and age of machinery. If you can get the previous owners to give you a slight rundown of their tools and machinery it should be that much easier for you to find the right metals for you.

It would also be wise to talk to Revelation Machinery in this industry because they can tell you a little about how they were able to keep their machinery up so well or maybe they can talk to you about short cuts, you never really know what kind of wisdom someone may instill.

 Machinery also depreciates value after it is manufactured and makes it through its first purchase. This is much like cars and homes.

Saving money

By utilizing machinery that has previously been owned you can save a lot of time and trouble. By going this route you are able to save time by avoiding the long wait times that you would be experiencing if you would have researched, found and contracted a contract with a machine manufacturer. This way you are able to get ahead of the production process and get those machines up and running a bit sooner.

You can definitely save on investing in used machinery because you are able to avoid the great tax costs and its probable 1/3 of the cost that you would have been spending with any companies that offered completely brand new equipment. The money that you are saving can be used in other areas of your business. You also have the option to require test runs by the previous owner so that you can ensure that the machinery works. Demonstrations are best for this method. If it looks like it’s been maintenance well over time that’s a great sign. But, you should also inquire about the servicing and maintenance for your own notes.


You can definitely help the economy by reducing the number of metals and materials that end up in landmines. You can service your machine as often as you find necessary but, you can also find more use for certain scrap metals. Reducing and reusing chemicals and parts can be cost-effective as well as a trial run, you are able to see if the products actually work for you.

There are many tools to consider what is best for you, your area of business, customers and overall supply storage. If you have been in this industry for years you know what machines have dual capabilities or what machines can be avoided. One great secret in the welding and fabrication industry is to keep things simple. The bare minimum is the way to go, there’s so much to get done but you do not really have to stress about finding the right machinery when the time is right to upgrade or expand then you may start researching again. The internet is full of forums and resources to provide links, answers and peer groups that are sure to get you what you are looking for. Take your time while building up your fabrication shop there is no rush. When it comes time for you to invest in brand new material then you may contact manufacturers and start your order while it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 months to deliver. This is the best method because you are still able to conduct and produce during your workday and the time delay will not effect you.