Is The Spring Of Your Garage Door Broken And Not Letting It Close? Learn What To DoWaking up due to a loud and irritating sound in the middle of the night can be quite scary.  Your attempt to look for the source might not be successful at that wee hour but will surely be convincing in the morning, when you will enter your garage to take out the car. The reason for that noise might be the broken spring of the garage door.

What is the Role of Garage Door Springs?

The spring of the door of the garage supports the complete weight of the door. The opening and closing of door often causes it to break/tighten/loose. The major role of keeping the door operational is played by the spring and not the door opener. Too much of pressure breaks the springs, be it you or your family members using it constantly. Hiring RS garage door service in San Diego can help you with the problem.

What are the Steps to Repair your Garage Door?

  • First Step

The first step is to empty the garage by taking your automobiles out of the garage. Now pull the cord located right above your door to capacitate yourself for manually lifting the door. Be very conscious as the garage doors are very heavy, and it is the spring that keeps the door neutral. If you can’t lift the door, seek help, since even slightest mistake might become life threatening.

  • Second step

There are usually two types of spring that may be fixed into your garage. They are:-

  1. Extension
  2. Torsion

The torsion type is fixed at the top towards the interior of the door of the garage. Fixing it is real tension and a tedious task. It is the impact created by the torsion that weight of the door of the garage is maintained and even balanced.

The extension spring are fixed at the extreme sides and are perpendicular to the doors. These springs stretch as the door lowers. The main task that the spring does is to pull up the door as it is made to do so.

  • Third step

Improvement in the technology has resulted with the invention of many spring types that are perfectly suited for garage door operation. Installation of such springs can enhance the working feature of the garage doors.

The springs need to be replaced all together, since replacing only one spring might create uneven balance, and might affect the closing and opening system of the door. The old spring might be weathered and break soon and you will be needed to mend it too. In an attempt to avoid stress in the coming times, get all replaced in time and together.

  • Fourth step

The task of replacing the spring is very sensitive. Be very conscious while changing it.
It is a very lengthy and dangerous process. Arrange for the correct tools to avoid any negative issue that might rise.

Always make sure to make a note of the date when you change the springs. The timely inspection and periodic maintenance is the best way to escape from future hassles.