With all our favourite Bollywood heroes sporting at least an evening shadow, if not a full-fledged beard, it come as no surprise that the beard has come of age in India. The time honoured tradition may have been absent in the recent past when the clean shaven look took center stage, but it is safe to say that the beard has officially made a comeback, with 55% of the world’s male population estimated to have some form of facial hair, according to History.

3 Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With A Beard

With the growing demand for tools to groom facial hair from men of all ages, a wide range of trimmers for men have taken center stage over the traditional razor. In fact, the same report by History also noted that women around the world judged men with full beards to be two third more attractive than men who opted for the clean shaven look. If you have been wondering whether it is a good idea to date a man with a beard, here are several reasons why you should take the leap.

Beards are Healthy

Science seems to believe that growing a bushy beard has its own health and lifestyle benefits. Relatively, chances are that a man with a beard leads an active and adventurous lifestyle, as compared to a clean shaven person. It is estimated that such men enjoy the outdoors and often like indulging in sports such as hiking, camping, trekking, etc. Studies have also revealed that thick beards are capable of blocking almost 90% to 95% of UV rays, keeping the skin underneath protected. In the long run, this can help reduce the chances of cancer and even slow down the aging process of the facial skin.

Beards Mimic a Father Figure

It has been observed that women generally pick a partner who has some traits similar to those she has observed in her father. A beard is often the pride of older men. Younger guys sporting the look will often carry a perception of discernment and wisdom, which goes a long way in establishing grounds for a relationship. Recent studies have even pointed out that women tend to find men with at least a 10-day-old growth to be more attractive than their clean faced counterparts. This is provided the beard is neatly groomed with clean lines, which can easily be achieved by getting a trimmer online. Also, women tend to perceive that a bearded man is more protective of her and can be an ideal father figure for their kids in the future.

Beards Imply Prestige

Ancient philosophers always seemed to retain their beards as a badge of their profession. In old Celtic times, Otto The Great always swore by his beard when addressing any serious issue. During the Middle Ages, touching or fiddling with another man’s beard was often grounds for a duel. Such examples make a clear case that facial hair is associated with prestige for a long time. In modern times, it has also become synonymous with manliness, strength, self esteem and social status. Such reasons make it clear why men are increasingly adopting the use of a Philips trimmer rather than a razor to show off groomed and well kempt facial hair. Thanks to Online Shopping, where we can buy anything online at best price.