SMS has been around ever since mobile phones came into existence. It can be called a redundant old technique but for the people who are involved in business and retail, this is that one method they believe is here to stay, in terms of creating brand and customer loyalty.


How has instant messaging shaped our world:

  • People who have embraced mobile marketing, get the opportunity to understand the mistakes they are making with the services they provide so that they can serve their customers even better. The reach is also extremely wide. What works even better is that SMS is always hand in hand with both traditional communication networks like radio, print and television, along with modern networks like applications, mobile web etc.
  • Contrary to the belief people have about the dwindling popularity of SMS, it is infact growing immensely in popularity and is reaching out to a broader target audience.
  • Mobile channels are morphing into important team players of strategies and business communications all over the world. Text messaging has become an effective tool for communication purposes because of how simple it is. SMS is in fact the world’s most pervasive all thanks to the services of bulk sms reseller in india.

According to a research, in the United States of America, customers exchanged and engaged over 5 billion messages each day. An average customer happens to send around 600 messages a month in comparison to 200 minutes of voice.


 This is surprising because it tells us so much about people who are not well off and happen to live in mobile quarters, have substituted landlines for mobile phones. With this continuing trend, the communication line that exists for interaction between businesses and customers has become very vital.

Where and how is an SMS used?

  • The payoff associated with SMS is very significant because more than 90 percent of the text messages out there are opened, read out and then compared, in comparison to the forty percent of email proposals.
  • Multi-channel businesses make use of radio, print, television, web marketing and the like to communicate with both existing and potential However, these channels of communication are mainly integrated with SMS campaigning to add a certain synergy to the traditional marketing communications. This is because a mobile channel allows an enterprise to diversify the market reach to a much wider audience by connecting the right target with the right application.
  • If you want a successful mobile strategy technique, you need to converge the worlds of mobile web, smartphone apps coverage and mobile messaging along with traditional media methods because everything has its pros and cons and for a brand to be successful you cannot depend on way of brand promotion.
  • SMS does not require any marketer to develop a specific campaign for individualized platforms or any kind of phone operating system. The marketers can easily communicate with the help of text with any consumer who owns a mobile phone.
  • Since SMS is often used as a push mechanism with the help of sms reseller india it stimulates the interaction between the people handling the messages and different types of customers like the loyal ones, the recent customer and a potential one and thus tries to initiate a conversation instead of leaving it up to the customer.