Whether a victim or a culprit, being involved in a car accident is the most traumatizing experience. But, if you pay a little attention and bring in the stage of awareness, the immediate instances after an accident can highly influence the claim. These are those moments when the shreds of evidence around are fresh and not manipulated. This gives an advantage of collecting the details and placing it properly.

Ensure nobody is hurt and then call the police: It doesn’t matter if the accident is severe or minor, the first and the foremost job is to inform the police. If you do not do so, you may be acting against the legal procedure, especially when there is a physical damage. If you are unaware of the law of your state, just call the police, and they will tell you the right protocol before you leave the crime scene.

Take snapshots: The most important evidence of any crime scene is the photographs. If you are focussed, and you know what you have to do, before the arrival of the cops and the tow truck you have enough time to capture the scene. This is the time when nothing is manipulated and untouched so you have the correct evidence with you that may help you in the future when you go for a claim.

Maintain a record of the details: Apart from the snapshots, any written proof is the best source of proving your innocence. Make sure you have the papers of the driver’s insurance and the information about his license. These details seem to be very normal when we talk about a normal scenario but during such situations, these records may help you a lot in filing for the compensation. Write all the details in a report including the names of the eyewitness, their contact details and hand a copy to the police.

Call the Insurance Agent: One of the most important thing to do after you suffer from an accident is the timely notification to the Insurance Company about the mishap. Many of the insurance policies asks for a well described and timely update of the entire event. If you fail to do so, you may be a sufferer as many companies do not offer any compensation if they are not updated with the news within the stipulated time mentioned in their policy. Provide them the entire details you have and ask them if any further documentation is required. It is recommended that you stay in touch with your agent and ask him if some other documents are needed to get the compensation. Only when they see that you are behind the agents will they try to release the compensation check.

Going through this phase is a very challenging task, but when you have people around you who are experienced, the journey becomes a little smooth. A Personal Injury Attorney can help you deal with the case in a very systematic manner. So, if you are stuck in it, it is recommended that you consult an attorney and seek advice from him.