It’s a new year and you’ve made the commitment to move up in your career and land a position with more responsibility in either your existing company or with a new employer. Having completed your research, networked and made application, you’ve finally landed the interview. Congratulations. This is the first major test in securing your dream position. While it’s important to be armed with as much information about the company and hiring manager as possible, it’s also critical to look the part. This will go a long way in adding to your confidence and how you present yourself. Remember, you can never make a second first impression! Follow these tried and true tips for looking the part for an interview. A new suit or dress can never compensate for lack of grooming. Get a fresh haircut, trim your nails and, gentlemen, make sure your facial hair is conservative and well groomed. Shine your shoes and make sure the portfolio with your extra resume copy is scratch free and clean.

A finely tailored suit will speak volumes about the respect you hold for the hiring manager and the respect you have for yourself. An investment in a good suit will pay off for years. Be it interviews, presentations, weddings or any special occasion, a quality suit should hang and fit well and serve to give you that extra edge of confidence. Accessories. Less is more when deciding on accessories. Avoid too many bracelets, multiple earrings or loud necklaces. Men should consider just wearing an understated watch and leave the cuff links, tie clips and earrings for another occasion. After your first interview, you’ll have a better handle on the culture, style and dress standards of the company you’re applying with. Follow the fashion direction of the hiring manager you met with during your first interview when determining business attire for your second interview. It’s always better to ‘dress up’ than ‘dress down’ when your goal is to impress the hiring manager. Good luck with your new job – you’ll nail it!