Once we have convinced us of the excellent option of renting an apartment in Barcelona, come to us an inevitable question: What neighbourhood is the best to do it? The options are endless: apartment for rent by days in Eixample, in the Gothic Quarter, the Born etc. But what is the best place to enjoy the city?

In What Neighbourhood Is Better To Rent An Apartment In Barcelona

The Eixample: Where Half Barcelona Lives

Choose the Eixample district is a little trap. The reason is that you’ll be choosing the neighbourhood that both if we attend to extension and population, is the largest in Spain. In this way we will have to refine the search a little more and realize what Eixample area is more appropriate.

An almost obvious choice is the area around of the SagradaFamilia: a monument that sooner or later end up visiting. But if you don’t want us to be carried away by the romance that means appreciating every second this wonder of Gaudi, much better choice is the environment of the University, in the EixampleEsquerraneighbourhood, where we will get to be close enough to the center without feeling their agglomerations, and also close to public transport.

The Gothic Quarter: pureessentiallyBarcelona

Just as if we choose the environment of the SagradaFamilia, it is a great advantage to not stop touring at any time the iconic Gothic Quarter, where every street and in every corner we will find the most monumental Barcelona.

A whole neighbourhood built in stone where to find the greatest hits of every city: cathedral, city hall, charming churches… and possibly the most charming square in the whole Barcelona: SantFelipNeri. Do not hesitate to seek (it’s actually hidden) and use it as a refuge while planning what to see and do in Barcelona.

The Born: Between History and Tourism

Another good option to combine a neighbourhood with character but also tourist and monumental is the Born, with potent attractive as the Picasso Museum, Santa Caterina Market, the Catedral del Mar, the renewed Born Market and near of the lovely Ciutadella Park and the Paseo LluísCompanys, topped with the imposing Arc de Triomphe, the only one that was not built in honor of a war but to honor the arts and culture.

But in the Born not only you you can find monuments and charming corners, also a lifestyle and entertainment venues and restaurants where you can enjoy the pure Barcelona, the Barcelona that living its citizen.

Choosing the Right Neighbourhood

In short, the way to how to know if our apartment is located in a suitable area is to check if you have a good and wide offer of leisure, culture and places of interest, besides having near subway stations, bus or any other option that allows us move fluidly around Barcelona (and why not, the surroundings too).

If you also add shops and places to eat quality, we will have found the perfect apartment.