When a child asks for a pet and a dog is chosen, brought home but is not allowed to live in the home, then the option of a dog house, out in the backyard is taken. There are many designs that are available, which are very comfortable and luxurious for the pet dog to eat and sleep in. you could say, the dog has its own pad with the accessories to match.

In The Dog House!

The search online can bring many designs and materials to suit any size and type of dog with prices for the budget, also delivered to the doorstep, for the customers convenience.  When typing indog kennels, a list as long as your arm will be in front of you and hence the hard decision, to find the best one for your pet dog. If you want you can build your own dog kennel.

Wooden, Portable

The wooden types are excellent for the extra-large dogs that require that little more space to stretch out and relax and with a roof which is waterproof. There is the option of a detachable plastic door to keep out the rain, keeping the pet inside dry and warm and by putting a soft blanket on the floor, you then have one very happy dog that is inside his own house with waitress service of two main meals a day. These come in assorted sizes to accommodate any size dog.

The portable and soft types are made with canvas that is suitable for the hot summers and cold winters. It does this, by letting in air when hot and contracting, which keeps out the cold and with a clear flap for a door, this also aids in keeping out the rain. The frame is made out of anodised steel, that is lightweight but strong and one benefit of this design is, that it can folded up and portable to be used in another location and easy to clean. These also come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, as well.

Plastic and Soft

The plastic designs are very suitable all year round with the benefit of keeping the dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter months. The roof has a rim that diverts the rain off the roof and keeps the dog dry inside. There is a rear ventilation system for the air flow to go around the kennel; you could call it air conditioning. It can be easily assembled and cleaned down with a hose and the best feature of this design is that it does not let the fleas or parasites take up residence with your pet. It will not rot and is built to last, which is very important, also remembering to add the accessories to make it even more comfortable for your pet, would be so much appreciated by them.

The choosing of the home for your pet is depending on their size, shape and breed. It has to be a perfect fit and with accessories to go with it that compliment it as well, for the pampered pooch , this could be a very soft blanket to sit on or a fur lined one; every dog has its own pre fences. An owner will know what their pet likes and loathes, so having a clear plan of what will make them happy in their new home is essential.