Men, who are not too much careful about their looks, follow a fundamental aspect of image projection along with the sense of self-worth. There is one such thing that adds on to the image of a man is nothing other than formal shirts.

Tips Regarding Collars while Purchasing Formal Shirts

Essential Tips For Purchasing Formal and Casual Shirts For Men

Formal shirts in Forever 21 India vary in terms of variety, style, and designs. They are one of the highly popular choices available in garment section of men. Some essential tips regarding collars at the time of purchasing formal shirts that must be followed all across the globe include the following:

  • Straight collar – The style regarding straight collar is considered to be the most basic style of dress and formal shirts.

  • Tab collar – The style regarding tab collar comprises of a tabbed button near the Adam’s apple in order to prevent collar points from being rough as well as untidy. This provides a formal appearance and can be easily dressed down.

  • Spread collar – Spread style in case of the collar is one of the formal styles of collar that is usually worn in case of formal occasions. Especially business suits hold a good match regarding the same.

  • Button-down collar – Formal shirts comprising of button-down collar got its name from small buttons that are used to hold the tips of collars in place. Though it is easily found in many colors, but is not at all common as a straight collar.

  • Winged collar – Winged style of collar is an extremely sophisticated and formal look. These collars are a perfect fit with tuxedos. Shirts having such types of collars can be easily worn as business attire as it provides the right look.

Types of Casual Shirts for Men Along with Tips

Essential Tips For Purchasing Formal and Casual Shirts For Men

Casual shirts for men are considered to be a basic item in the wardrobe of any fashionable man. They are available in a wide range of styles and designs in Forever 21 India. You will really get perplexed in choosing the one that comprises of hottest look. Some helpful tips for selecting the fit ones to include:

  • V-Neck shirts – V-neck shirts are notoriously difficult to wear well in case the person concerned is not concerned with the best fashion statements. They are reserved for those guys who hold some experience in fashion industry.

  • Crew neck shirt – The essential issue with this style of shirt is fitness. In terms of color, you are allowed to be a little offbeat with crew neck shirts. It is good to go with bright colors and unusual patterns hence making them the focal point of your outfit.

  • Dress shirts – This classic style of the shirt will suit more casual and relaxed environments. While purchasing one for you, it will be better to consider the fittings so that you feel comfortable enough.

It is good to wear a color that will compliment to your skin tone. Shirts comprising of too many short sleeves must be avoided as you may not look hot. When about to wear a shirt with jeans, it is good to choose dark colored shirts like black, red and gray to hold a handsome look.

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