Why It’s The Perfect Option for Your Home

Granite is famed for its durability and timeless style – which makes it ideal for boosting kerb appeal.

We all want to make a good first impression, and your home should reflect that. We’re told that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest – you make your mind up about somebody’s home within a few seconds. That’s why it’s vital that your drive looks immaculate, whether you’re trying to sell your house or just want to impress your neighbours and visitors. So here’s why a granite sett drive could be the perfect addition to your home.

It will last a Lifetime

One of granite’s main selling points is that it’s incredibly durable and tough. Granite setts have been used as far back as Roman times – and remains of these ancient floors are still found intact to this day. Now that just shows you how much it can withstand! Modern granite setts can stand up to the weight of regular traffic, making it the perfect option for a drive in a busy family home. So no matter how many cars you’re going to park on it, it will remain intact.

It suits any Home

There are many different types of granite setts to choose from, so it doesn’t matter what kind of home that you have. For a modern, uniform look, go for grey or silver setts. Black is also an increasingly popular option too. Some setts feature uneven colouring and a natural, weathered look. These are ideal for period properties, and are reminiscent of the winding, cobbled streets you see in our oldest cities and towns. If you’re unsure about what kind of sett would be right for your driveway, talk to your supplier. Their years of knowledge and expertise will allow them to help you to make the right choice for your property.

It never goes out of Style

As far as investments go, a granite sett driveway is a great one, and not just because of its incredible durability. It’s totally timeless too, and it will never look out of date. Everyone who comes to your home will know that it’s a top of the range material, and it will look as good as the day you had it installed ten years down the line. Other design fads many come and go – but if you invest in a granite driveway, you’ll always attract admiring glances from the neighbours.

Always Hire a Professional

Installing a granite sett driveway should always be left to the experts. Things like spacing, jointing materials and gauging all need to be considered before work can begin – this isn’t something that you can just make up as you go along. Without the right skill and experience, a granite sett driveway can look uneven and you can experience problems with loose stones and drainage.

Invest in a Granite Driveway today

As you can see, a driveway made from granite setts is a great option for any home. Just because they’ve been used for centuries doesn’t mean that they’re seen as old-fashioned – they’re more popular now than they’ve ever been. Whether you live in a modern townhouse or a country cottage, this kind of driveway will elevate your home and make you the envy of your neighbours.

Chloe Cotton is the editor of The Happiest Homes magazine, a leading UK home improvement magazine.