You walk inside some of the big hotels in the city and all you notice is the clean surrounding. Everything from the table, to the floor, to staffs, to anything else in the hotel is clean. However, when you walk into a general hotel, you would notice that few things are clean while few are extremely in mess. What is the reason? How do the posh hotel managements manage to keep everything clean?

Young couple sharing single bed, dog asleep on other bed

Well, what most of the general hotels fail to provide unlike big hotels is a dog poop waste station. There are many times when you travel with your pets and you need to check-in to a hotel along with your pets. Finding out that the hotel doesn’t have a facility to handle pets definitely makes you sad. Therefore, good hotels, who want to treat their guests well always, spend on bow wow dog waste station to help the guests manage their pet’s poop without any hassle.

If you are a part of a hotel management team, then you should certainly consider a good dog waste station and place it in the hotel. There are many advantages of doing so:

  • With a dog waste station installed in the hotel compound, you will be making the hotel environment more pleasant for your guests. Treating people well is a must in the hospitality industry. Therefore, when your guests feel that the environment of your hotel is clean and healthy, and they would like to consider your hotel for future stay too. This will increase your business.
  • Placing a dog waste station is one of the great ways to ensure your hotel reviews stay positive. When you designate a specific area in your hotel for pets, it will attract guests. They will realize how much importance you give to their comfort.
  • With a dog waste station installed, the environment would be clean and free from harmful bacteria present in pets poop. Your guests will not get sick due to pets.
  • These waste stations are much economical way of dealing with pets poops. Cleaning the poop manually would cost you the salary of dedicated staff at the hotel. Buying this machine is very easy and in your budget. What else would you ask for?
  • These waste stations are sealed and come with dispensers and waste bags. This means, even when your guests have checked out, you do not need to get the cleaning done manually. With a waste station, all these can be done without any hassle.
  • It may help you to gain competitive advantage and hence give you more business.

Property management is a big issue in itself and so is the hospitality industry. One mistake and your business will be affected. Therefore, managers are always looking for ways to improve their property value. Well, installing a waste station in a hotel compound can certainly increase the value of your hotel.