Ian Norris is an eminent lawyer. He went to Dickinson College for his undergraduate, later on attended Duquesne University School of Law for his graduation which completed in 2006.  He devoted his whole career to civil litigation which underpins nursing home abuse and neglect, medical malpractice, and product liability cases. What makes him unique is his devotion to his career towards representing injured victims and their families. He never hesitated in providing the requisite aid to the poor or the underprivileged class and has been always worried about their betterment. Most of the people who attain a high position in the work field rarely thinks of extending any kind of charitable service and even if they do, it is also because of attaining tax benefit.

Ian Norris – A Look Into His Career and Achievements

But, in case of Norris, it does not occur.  Coming to his professional life, Norris has handled manifold cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He enjoys the license to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the U.S. District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania, the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the U.S. District Court of New Jersey. Ian Norris holds the membership in American Association for Justice, Pennsylvania Bar Association, the ABA Tort Trial, the New Jersey State Bar Association, Pennsylvania Association for Justice, the New Jersey Association for Justice, the American Bar Association, and Insurance Practice Section.

During the years of his experience he gathered a total verdict and settlement amount of over $19.5 million. It has only been feasible owing to his hard efforts to that he has reached the pinnacle in his life. Apart from his professional career he has the stern devotion towards the charity. He extravagantly contributes to the destitute and does not compromise with the gender or color. Most often it has been observed that the bigwigs who prefer charity is for the sole reason that they need the shield themselves from the tax authorities. Here the scenario is poles apart. Norris is utterly devoted to the betterment of the under-privileged. As he never hesitates to extend the hand for the requisite support, he does it by contributing clothes, food and even the money.

His contribution is enormous when it comes to the charity. No doubt his generosity is adept and that utterly constrains him to help others. Taking the glimpse of his contributions, you will certainly literate about the felicitations. Apart from the felicitations in the professional career Ian Norris has earned manifold applauds in the philanthropy as well. Counting his attributes will certainly take ample time. It won’t be right to pass the blind eye over his career which is inculcated with plenty of achievements that boost his morale in the market.