So, you have already taken the tests and gotten the necessary recommendations and have even completed your common app. But when it comes to your college essay, somehow, all confidence in your abilities seems to disappear. If you have been putting off your college essay for one reason or another, don’t worry- you are not alone. Figuring out what to write for your essay can be a daunting task.

The truth is- almost all students struggle with writing their college essays. As a result, most essays end up being typical, boring or just plain bad. Sadly, while it might take you weeks or even months to find a topic that you really want to write about, the reader of your college essay, which is typically an admissions officer, will only spend a few minutes going through it.

Therefore, if you want your essay to stand out, you have to craft a winning essay that can get you the college admission you deserve. So, how do you overcome your college admissions essay anxiety so that you can create something authentic and thought-provoking to get you that acceptance letter?

Start by brainstorming

Figuring out which topic to write about is often the hardest part of writing a college essay. For your essay to win, it has to reveal something important about both you that your grades cannot, which is your personality. Therefore, a good place to start when creating a college essay is with your biggest strengths so that you can highlight them in your essay.

Understand the requirements

Although many colleges and universities are now on the common app, there are some colleges out there that still have their own rules and regulations for applications and college essays. Be sure to find out what the writing requirements are so that you can use the best approach to writing your essay.

Start the process early

Rather than put it off, start organizing your ideas early enough. Most experts recommend starting at least three months before your essay deadline because the last thing you want is to send in a low-quality essay that does not reflect who you are. Getting started can be as simple as jotting down a few ideas on a piece of paper or getting help from professional custom essay writing service or an individual that has experienced the process before. The point is to get the ideas flowing before you can begin to write your first draft.

Pick a topic

Most college admission essays tend to be open-ended which means that it is entirely up to you to determine what you want to write about. The trick is to pick a topic that is interesting and one that will capture the reader’s attention immediately. The best topics are those ones that highlight your talents, assets, fears, failures or personality.

Find a creative angle to tell your story

A winning essay has to describe to the admissions board why you would make a great addition to the student body. The best way to do this is to come up with a creative angle or a hook that will immediately grab the attention of the reader so that he or she can stick around to the end of the essay. There are a few ways to come up with a hook; for example, you can start your essay with a short anecdote or personal story that has a clear connection to you, and your academic journey.