A quarrel is supposed a normal attribute of any ordinary relationship. Nobody’s perfect that’s why it is impossible to avoid them. People are different; opinions are different so sometimes this non concurrence leads to the disagreement and as a result, to a serious scandal. But are these infinite fights so necessary? Is there any way to avoid all of them? And finally, how to deal with it when they unfortunately happen. Now we are going to find proper answers to these important questions.

Despite the fact this is very difficult to eliminate quarrels from relationship the tendency has to strive for decreasing of their quantity. Besides, it’s quite meaningful to try making them as less protracted as it’s possible. If you begin to relate to fights as to the way of getting to know each other better and you appreciate each other so your relationship will become only stronger because of the successful managing such issues and realizing that no obstacles can damage you relationship. And at last, the most significant point is to learn lessons from every fight in order to avoid them in future. Because we all make mistakes sometimes but if take something from them, if we remember our own ones and try not to reiterate them anymore this all will define whether we are able to save strong and happy relationship or not.

How to Prevent a Quarrel

  1. Look for a compromise

The incompliance from the side of both partners never leads to something good. You shouldn’t prove rightness no matter what even if you are sure that you’re totally right. Everyone can have own opinion which has to treated in the same way as your own. Learn putting yourself on the side of another person. Don’t forget that your self-confidence exhausts you partner and permanent trying to prove you something can make him go away. As Dale Carnegie said:” The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it”. A conflict will disappear if your boyfriend sees your desire to understand him. Besides, remember that you’re a woman, so sometimes you should be flexible and your boyfriend will appreciate it and will start loving you even more.

”The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it” – Dale Carnegie

  1. Sometimes it is better to keep silence

Very few people can stay cool-headed in a candent situation and just keep silence. It’s necessary to have a steel nervous system. The ability to stay speechless can give many advantages in different life situations. So if you notice that your partner obviously is starting a quarrel just try to listen, perhaps, he just wants to say what’s bothering him but not to fight. Having let off steam your boyfriend will become calm and still.

  1. Breathe deeply

If you have a feeling you are going to blow just count to ten and breathe as deeply as possible. It will give you a possibility to calm down and to relax. Then you can continue turning a quarrel into a simple dialogue.

  1. Make a joke

In fact, we don’t even realize the real power of a true smile. It’s secret weapon which in a clever usage even can stop a war, all the more if this is a relationship words battle. A good relevant joke can turn the situation in an opposite way from the quarrel to a joyful conversation. But this joke may not touch in any way your interlocutor because it can even make worse. And the rule is not to start laughing until your partner does.

Note: mockeries are prohibited!

  1. Change the topic

This way can only be useful in the case when a piddling quarrel is going to happen. Gradually move to another topic while not touching the aspects which have caused an offence. Slowly catch some details which can help to start a fully new discussion. If you make your partner deflect his attention away from offence he will immediately forget about his fury.

  1. Previously make up a stop-word

This way can be useful enough in most of cases. This is like a symbol of that you don’t want to fight anymore and no matter who have started that fight. Pronouncing a stop-word you let your partner know that a quarrel is bothering you and you just want to stop it. Saying this word you ask him for a help to terminate the fight.

Note: you also can just ask bluntly ask for a help to stop a quarrel. It would be better to add words about how love your partner and most of all you don’t want to hurt him.

Summing up:

  • find a compromise;
  • keep silence;
  • respire;
  • make him laugh;
  • change the topic;
  • use a stop-word;

How to Deal with a Quarrel

  1. Learn understanding men’s nature (invite.dating can help with it)

Women and men are different not only by their physiological aspects but also but their behavior in quarrels. Pay attention to your boyfriend’s behavior during the fight: either he tends to prove he’s right or he often just usually tries to make you understand him and it may not be as you are required to take his side. Maybe, in such situations he just wants to make you accept his right for his own opinion and to accept only a probability of your mistake. If this is like that a task becomes much easier.

  1. Proving or improving?

Every time you are fighting with your boyfriend you have to remember about what really matters for you: proving your rightness or improving your relationship. Let you lose in quarrel but you will win in relationship. We often are afraid to sacrifice our dignity for a better purpose actually. While emotions are ruling us we get blinded and stop seeing really meaningful things.

  1. Listen and hear

Misunderstandings don’t appear only in couples of psychics. You cannot feel what your thinks about he can’t either. A quarrel starts because everybody is offended by something and doesn’t want to realize that they are both in the same situation. You first ask you’re your partner what you’ve done wrong and why he feels offended. Having listened attentively tell him what is bothering you. Then you both will know each side’s arguments and will understand that they have sense. The only thing left is to continue a dialogue because a quarrel doesn’t exist anymore.

  1. Remember your partner is still the same person you love

Recollecting the fact you are fighting with a person you love and care about will help to take your emotions under control what is actually one of the most efficient ways to stop a quarrel.

Summing up:

  • accept man’s difference;
  • learn complying;
  • listen to him;
  • control your emotions.