Stay at home parenting is becoming more and more popular today, but every parent needs a break from time to time. Parents need occasional time away from their kids to reconnect with themselves and one another. There is nothing wrong with needing this time off, and every parent should give themselves the time they need to regroup and give their kids the attention and care they need. In these cases, parents will need to put their trust in a babysitter.

There are a lot of ways that parents can prepare for having a babysitter. One of those ways is preparing the home with everything the babysitter might want or need. These are simple ideas that will take mere minutes for any parent to complete. Any parent can do these simple things to make the babysitter’s job easier and help their kids feel more secure with that babysitter. Here are some ways to prepare the home for a babysitter.

Give the Babysitter a Trip Itinerary

From a few hours out running errands to a weekend away, parents should always let the babysitter know what they will be doing when they are away. This will not only help the parents feel better, but also help the babysitter in case of an emergency. Parents can write this down for babysitters to help ease the transition.

Show the Babysitter where everything is

Babysitters will not be familiar with the house, so parents will need to give them a tour right away. Parents should be sure to not only point out each room, but also show babysitters specifically where things are that they might need during their time in the home.

Prepare for Emergencies

Emergencies may not happen, but parents should prepare for them just in case. Parents should not only do the traditional baby-proofing of the house that they normally do, but also keep the home stocked with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and other emergency items that they babysitter might need.

Write Down Specific Instructions

Every kid will have his or her specific quirks or needs that are different or uncommon. Parents need to try to remember and write down these things for the babysitter so they are not bombarded with something they are not prepared for. This will make the kids and the babysitters more comfortable.

Have the Kids Help

Kids can take part in preparing for the babysitter to come to the home. Having kids help is not only good for preparing the child for the babysitter, but also to help the parents make an easy transition for everyone. Kids can set up their favorite games and activities that they may want to do with the babysitter ahead of time.

Have Some Fallback Options

Sometimes, babysitters can get overwhelmed or run out of ways to entertain the kids. In these cases, parents can have some fallback options that will be sure to calm down their children. Watching TV with is a great option.