If you are looking for a server rack for your data center, workplace or home office, you have plenty to choose from. There’s desktop, enclosed, open frames and wall mount racks. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of wall mount racks.

Conserve Your Space

Those with a limited amount of room in their data center or office will find that the wall mount rack is the best option. It conserves a significant amount of space compared to the other types of racks. Instead of taking up critical floor or desk space, the wall mount rack utilizes wall space that you likely aren’t using for any other purpose.

Adaptable To Your Current Space

Wall mount racks were originally designed to accommodate organizations that didn’t have dedicated spaces for server rooms or data centers. This is a makeshift solution that allows you to keep your walls in place (instead of knocking them out) and doesn’t force you to re-design your working area.

6 Benefits Of A Wall Mount Rack

A Reduced Chance Of Damage

One of the best aspects of wall mount racks is the fact that they can be stored out of the way of foot traffic. Think of how many people walk through your building on a daily basis. Chances are, there’s a good amount of people going in and out. When your server rack is mounted on the wall, it is almost impossible to damage.

This is a stark contrast compared to other servers that are stored right out in the open on desks and floors. These can be easily damaged by people who pass by. Consider how much money you’ve invested in your servers. There’s no sense in putting them in harm’s way.

Plenty Of Wall Mounting Rack Options

You can pick up a wall mount rack in a number of different styles and sizes. In terms of size, wall mount racks range all the way from 5U to 26U. Most merchants have at least half a dozen wall mount racks to choose from. Some even have wall mount racks with doors for an added layer of security. You’ll be able to use any type of wall mount racks on any sort of wall as long as you can fasten them firmly against the surface.

Easy To Setup And Access

Wall mount racks are typically much easier to install than other styles of racks. As long as you keep the data center or office at an acceptable temperature, the unit’s integrity will be upheld for years and possibly even decades.

In a nutshell, everything about a wall mount rack is easier, especially access. You don’t need to open a specialized cabin or crawl down on the floor to access a floor rack. The wall mount rack is conveniently placed right on your office or data center wall for immediate access. This is an enormous benefit for those who are in a rush or need to access their server in an emergency.

Wall Mount Racks Are Affordable

While the other rack types listed at the outset of this article will cost your business a pretty penny, the wall mount rack is much more economical. If you shop around, you will be able to find a high quality wall mount server rack for less than $100. The other styles of server racks typically cost at least a hundred dollars. Some even run up to $3,000 and higher.

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